• Real-Life Sonic Rainboom

    Well, sort of. Thought you guys might be interested in this little tidbit before today's regular Seth-Sponsored News™ starts.

    Yesterday as I was leaving the college campus, I happened to notice out the shuttle window a ring of light around the sun in the colors of the rainbow. Jokingly, I thought to myself, Rainbow Dash, if you do those every day, ponies will think you're showing off. I tried to snap a picture with my phone, seen above, but even color-corrected it's difficult to see it. I dismissed the phenomenon.

    This morning, I saw an article from a local radio station explaining 'the striking ring around the sun' from yesterday. So I wasn't crazy! I had been visited by a sonic rainboom! And it was awesome.

    Alright, there's my independent journalism for today. Back to your regularly scheduled shipping.