• Pony Birthday Cake Kits On the Way!

    A bunch of MLP Cake accessories are on the way!  A brony named Pony Stark who works at a bakery sent me this image and a few links from a catalog called Bakery Crafts 2011

    I really want that Applejack spork... if only to break it off and have a molded Applejack toy! 

    You can find a few of the items listed in on this page!

    Also the main hub thing for these here! 

    Now go have pony birthday parties and send me pictures! Charge!

    UPDATE Looks like someone already did!
  • Banner Contest Is Closed!

    That slow clap is for you guys.

    Disregarding the two that have already graced the top of the blog, I have our three winners! They're after the page break!

  • Drawfriend Stuff #88

    Super Suggestive Naked Luna edition!

    All Source-needed stuff at the top! 

    Source 1-Needed
  • Story: The Last Element

    [Sad] 1,000 words of SAD

    Author: Sir Ginger
    Description: A short story set many years after the adventures of our favourite ponies. Spike and Rarity remember the god old days, but Spike still has a lifetime ahead.
    The Last Element

    Additional Tags: Short, Sad, Future, Changes, Sparity
  • Story: Dark Equestria

    [Grimdark] Some alternate universe stuff! The Pre-reader really liked it, but didn't give me an awesome quote, the slacker!

    Author: Lurks-no-More
    Description: In the magical land of Equestria, the night has lasted for a thousand years. But now, with the millennial anniversary of Queen Luna's victory over her rebellious sister approaching, the Queen's most faithful student learns about a disturbing old prophecy...
    Dark Equestria Part 1
    Dark Equestria Part 2

    Additional Tags: Queen Luna's Eternal Night ends
  • Pony Vector Creation Guide

    A brony over on Deviant Art has released a guide for creating all of these awesome transparent massive sized pony vectors(well kind of vectors!).

    It's pretty extensive!

    You can find it here! 

  • Equestria Girls: Official Song by Pinkie Pie

    Holy crap! Official Content!  I didn't think it existed anymore!

    A new song by Pinkie Pie has popped up on hubworld!

    Equestria Girls

    Also a youtube link!

    And thanks to shelltoon for the link!

  • Music: Winter Touch Up // Instrumental: At the Gala // At The Winter Gala

    Gala and Winter Wrap Up time!

    1.) Winter Touch Up -No Embed
    2.) Instrumental At the Gala (With Karaoke)
    3.) At the Winter Gala
  • PMV: She's Cute

    Did anyone not love Fluttershy in the first episode? Was it even possible?

    1.) She's Cute

    Yes, just one.  Enjoy!
  • Trailers: The Maretrix // Soar

    Matrix and Thor Time!

    1.) The Maretrix
    2.) Soar

  • More Pony Game News

    Well, I did say I wanted a pony MMO.

    Saltyjustice has sent in a playable demonstration script for another upcoming pony MMO project. It is significantly smaller than the 3D one I just posted!

    You can get the details in the thread here, though you need to register. If you just want to jump in and play, you can grab the game here, or without sound here.

    There's a video of it in action after the page break, as well.

  • Pony Music News

    Trixie cause I can.

    !WakaWakaYQ has emailed us about his pony music archive on Ponychan. It includes, according to him, all of the fan-made music ever created for these ponies. I'm tempted to download the whole thing just to see if he has my lone track in there.

    The thread is here!

    Celestia Radio has also updated their site with a lot of improved functionality. They have their long requested chat, a comprehensive artist and track database with downloads, a twitter live-update for news, and are implementing a schedule for the broadcast.

    Except they never included a link! So I googled it. It's here.
  • More Ridiculous Recolor Ponies

     Lyra? Luna?  Who would want lame ponies like them!  Lets release Flutterheart and Feathermay instead! 

    Have some more recolors for you all to get confused over.  These were actually found on a Chinese Website, so no telling if they will ever make their rounds to the USA.

    I am praying that some benevolent executive at Hasbro's toy division falls asleep on the job one day and sees a glorious vision of real background ponies from the actual show being sold to happy 24 year olds around the world. 

    Trixie! Luna!  Even Derpyhooves!  Everypony from Ponyville, and not some deviant art kids OC pony collection. 

    That would be the greatest day ever!
  • PMV: Luna Astronaut // Fresh Prince of Bel-Mare // Couple Days Off

    That third one is...really strange, I can't quite decide if I like it or not.

    1.) Luna, the lonely astronaut Episode 1: Pilot
    2.) Couple Days Off
    3.) The Fresh Princess of Bel-Mare

  • Story: My Darling Yandere

    [Shipping][Grimdark][Random] ANGRYJACK.  I really hope Angryshy makes a second appearance in season 2!

    Author: Ravengal
    Description: Fluttershy's been waiting for years to tell her amazing, wonderful, beautiful, perfect Applejack her feelings... but something stands in the way. Psychoshy ain't having that.
    My Darling Yandere

    Additional Tags: Fluttershy, and Applejack, forever, or else
  • Megasweet Wallpaper Pack!

    These are so awesome. I'm a guy who's had the same wallpaper image for his entire life, and even I changed to one of these. They're that sweet.

    Each is a massive 2400x1500 and is created by the wonderfully talented Megasweet.

    They're all after the pagebreak!

    EDIT: Blogger resized them! Full sizes here!

  • Vinyl Scratch Hired For Entertainment

    I guess Derpy really screwed stuff up or something.  We brought Twilight in to clean up the mess, but she's still working on it! 

    We hired Vinyl Scratch to entertain everypony while the blog is recovered from the depths of cyber space.

    Hopefully it won't take too long!

    (I didn't have time to make anything new, so I'm using one of the contest entries!  Thanks to Gig-Mendecil for the banner! Cereal is going to kill me, but hes not around right now so I can pretend to be afk when he gets back!)
  • Pony Birthday Cards Sighted!

    Someone (who doesn't have any awesome pony name for me to use) sent me these in email.  Apparently they were hangin out at a nearby Target!  

    It's good to see more pony merch popping up.  That's the sign of a healthy show right there!  Now we just need some older demographic stuff...

    Because I am definitely not 4 years old.. just sayin.   (What have I gotten myself into?)
  • Story: Into the Mines

    [Normal][Sad] Based on the episode "A Dog and Pony Show"

    Description: Our heroes travel under the earth and through the depths of a jewel mining operation in search of a captured friend
    Into the Mines

    Additional Tags: Dramatic, Interesting, Different, and (hopefully) Emotional
  • New Playable Pony Game

    Where's my Pony MMO? Get on it, guys!

    We've been sent another pony game for you all to try out! The creator would like to point out the fact that is quite young and this is his first time using the Blender Game Engine, so if any experienced modellers/animators/scripters are feeling generous and want to help on this project, he welcomes the assistance.

    The game itself is a little over 100MB in size. It's hosted here- there is also a readme for your perusal here. If you prefer a smaller game size (minus the music), you can find that here.
  • Story: You Can't Escape the Past

    [Sad][Shipping] Fluttersparkle time!  Or is it Flutterlight? Twi-shy?

    Author: AlCapony
    Description: As Fluttershy finds herself confronted with a past she thought she had left behind her, she turns to Twilight for help. Twilight herself, on the other hoof, is about to stumble upon a revelation about the unassuming little pegasus she would have never imagined, and has to grapple with the confusing feelings that follow in its wake.
    You Can't Escape the Past

    Additional Tags: Family, Confrontation, Anger, Sadness, Support
  • Story: Guardspony (Updated Part 2!)

    [Crossover][Grimdark] Warhammer, with Ponies (Sadly I can't find an actual 4g pony, so have a marine with Rainbow Dash colors)

    Author: Steptroll
    Description: A nerdtastic warhammer 40k crossover of a concept that I've been playing around with for a while.
    Guardspony Part 2 (New!)

    Additional Tags: Warhammer, Imperial Guard, Empress, Pony, awesome
  • Ponies Invade Dagorhir

    Ponies. Ponies everywhere. Where will the ponies invade next? Who knows?! Teh nose nose.

    From the email:
    I play Dagorhir, which is a full contact melee combat sport that uses padded weapons. It's a blast to play and good exercise to boot. The best part is the creativity that goes into it. My main shield is just too heavy when I have to run for an extended period of time. I needed something lighter. So I built an all foam round shield and covered it with this.

    PONIES. back to bed. zzzzzzzzz.
  • Pony Pins for Sale

    Another shop has opened up! This time for pony pins.  You can find the bundled sets (Including a lot more than the ones shown above) at this Etsy store.

    Also check out the merch post if you are looking for anything else! A bunch of brony shops have been added to it. 
  • Story: Tomorrow


    Author: Jera
    Description: Regular as dusk and dawn, an elderly mare visits the stallion who's earned her love and devotion.
    Tomorrow DA
    Tomorrow Docs

    Additional Tags: Love, Devotion, Personal Strength, Bittersweet, Memories