• Custom Merch Mall

    This is now "The Mall"  I'll add some extra formatting/images for each one when I get home from work, but I think people were getting kind of antsy with their shop updates, so I'll toss out the plane text version now/  I have just been really busy lately, this site takes a lot of time!

    Huge updates to this post today!  Everything that wasn't here before will be labeled as (New!)

    If anyone else has a shop they want me to link, feel free to email it and I'll add it to the post.

    Kanti's Cute Store-Keychains
    Cutie Mark Express-Cutie mark only shirts
    Pony Only-Pony only shirts
    Brony Apparel-Quote Shirts/Mugs/Earings
    Wasd999- Shirts!
    FiM shop -Shirts
    Dashdrives- Pony Flash Drives!
    Elements of Harmony Jewelry -Bracelets and Chains, check deeper into the DA for examples
    Pony Butttons - Title Says it all!
    Fake Pony Nails - For your fingers duh!
    Wonderbolts Hoodie / WWU Vest  
    Pony Filly Pins (New!)
    Brony Patches(Includes some Charity Donation)-Custom Pony Mark Patches (New!) 
    Pony Shoes (New!)
    Ear Gauges (New!)
    Xexus -Pony Buttons
    Tangible Cute- FlutterPie's Charms & Keycahins! (Lots of New stuff!)
    PinkieKeenCreations- What Would (Cutiemark) D?" Logos
    Pony Small Pins (New!)
    MoonlightMagiks- Pony Laser Burned Medallions (New!)

    For archival purposes, you can find the IntenseDebate comments for this post (if any) archived over here