• Pony Alcoholic Beverages

    For all of you people that play that pony drinking game!  Here is a list of drinks to try out courtesy of Renard!

    I'll be honest, I don't know a whole lot about alcohol...or anything drinking related for that matter, so feel free to ask questions at the link!

    Pony Alcoholic Beverages 

    Also more less graphic, but more specific recipes, after the break.  
  • Video: The Rainbow Knight

    Freakin cupcakes makes pinkie pie as the joker fit way too perfectly.
  • Story: In the Rain (Updated Complete!)

    [Shipping] Some Twilight/Rainbow Dash.  It has been at least 3 days since the last dashx___ story, so It's about time! Written by Ebonmane
    Description: As usual, Rainbow Dash has little thought for the feelings of those around her. Some ponies are just oblivious.
    In The Rain
    In The Rain Part 2

    2 possible endings available!

    In The Rain Ending (Option One) (New!)
    In The Rain Ending (Option Two) (New!)
  • Story: The Ghosts of Haromony (Update Chapters 3,4,5 in Part 2!)

    [Normal] A Complete story revamp thing of the old "A Trip to Ponyville".  Part 1 (Blood Moon Rising) Is the old story, and Part 2 (The Ghosts of Harmony) Is the new stuff
     Description: A multipart series where one branch of the Apple family goes to visit ponyville
    Blood Moon Rising

    And Part 2

    The Ghosts of Harmony (New! Chapter 3,4,5!)
  • Story: My Nuclear Dawn + Defcon Game Mod!

    [Normal]  The author Swears this isn't grimdark, but it's really long!  If you play Defcon, he also included a My Little Pony mod for it!  Check it out below the story link!  

    Author: Fire Esper
    Description: Equestria has changed, and the thousand-year reign of peace and friendship is about to change as well unless our heroes can stop it... But war? War never changes.
    My Nuclear Dawn

    My Nuclear Dawn DA Link

    Defcon Pony Mod

    Alternate Tags: War, Adventure, Romance, Light-hearted, Fairy Tale
  • Story: Steven Magnet in: Crimes Against Fabulosity

    [Random]  Apparently Youtube named the serpent for everyone, and then someone wrote a story about it.  You guys can derive inspiration from anything it seems! Author: Mithent
    Description: Everyone's favourite fabulous sea serpent gets an adventure of his very own.
    Steven Magnet in: Crimes Against Fabulosity
  • Story: Pinkie Pie Style

    [Normal]  Lots of Pinkie Pie Today!
    Description: Pinkie Pie travels to meet an old friend, but finds Gilda waiting for her instead.
    Pinkie Pie Style
  • Poll Results: Pony RPG Development

    I don't know... I'm playing dragon age 2 right now and it's really...copypaste.  Now old BG2 era bioware would be amazing, but I think that was mainly Black isle right?
  • FiM Promo DVD

    Way over in Belgium, apparently this comes free when you buy a pony toy at a store called (Best).  It's the ticket master episode, in DVD form (I think that's what he meant by "Gala episode" at least).

    So my main question is...

    Why don't we get any of the cool stuff out here in the states! Grab bags in Germany, Promo DVD's in Belgium, Keychains in Australia... We are getting ripped off here!

    Hopefully this is a sign of blu-ray on the horizon or something!

    You can find more Infos over at MLP ARENA
  • Story News Stuff!

    Auto Updates
    I discovered a feature buried in blogger while updating story posts!  I can schedule stuff to be posted at future times! This is good news considering how many stories I have in my email right now. 

    So today is testing day.  I have 4 stories set to post, 1 every hour from 4-7 PM pacific time.  I will be at work for 3 of those, so we will see how it goes! 

    Pre-Post Readers Needed
    Also if anyone (preferably authors who have done a few stories here) is in the mood to read stories/provide pre-post feedback, feel free to toss me an email on gmail.  I really don't want this place to turn into fanfiction.net. I try to contact authors if something is "off" about a story, but most of you never get back to me.  
    I think 13 pre-post readers is enough people for this! Thanks everyone!

    Length Requirements
    I am usually pretty lax on this.  I still haven't decided on an exact length for things...But story "series" are something that probably need to be tackled now. 

    I have sent emails to 3 of you for these stories: (Apple Bloom's Date, Everypony Loves Dash, Just Like Papa) Each of these is a promised "Series", meaning lots of update posts.  The quality is good, but they are really short.  Only Everypony Loves Dash has responded so far. 

    If you send me a planned series, include a few chapters.  Having to bump something 12 times is a bit overkill for the non-fic crowd.  An introduction is cool, but include an introduction+2 chapters or something.  I've enforced this a few times now, and it seems to work out well.

    Anyway this was way longer than I originally planned!

    Auto Story Posting
    Seeking Pre-Post Readers
    Length Requirements "Series" stories.
  • Story: Once Upon a Gala

    [Normal] Because Rarity needs more front page space!
    Description: Sometimes a dream is all you need.
    Once Upon a Gala
  • Story: Lord of the Rings: Return of the Ponies

    [Crossover]  If only Trixie was completely relevant!  I have so many Trixie LOTR images... Someone needs to draw Fluttershy LOTR for this! 
    Description: In which the FiM team ends up at the battle of Pelenor fields, we see how even the littlest pony can chnge the course of destiny.
    Lord of the Rings: Return of the Ponies

  • Story: Avast Ye Scurvy Pony!

    [Normal]  Someone needs to drawfriend all the ponies as pirates... It's like...required or something.  
    Description: A swashbuckling adventure on the high seas following the final battle of Captain Sparkle and Admiral Rarity.
    Avast Ye Scurvy Pony!

    The author would also like to let everyone know that the end of the story has 3 interchangeable endings with Grimdark/Normal/Random.  For the sake of my sanity though this will roll with a normal tag.
  • Story: Night of the Pinkie Pie

    [Normal] Pinkie Pie...you so crazy.  Yah I got nothin.  Back to bed!
    Description: Ponies are disappearing on suspicious holidays. Pinkie Pie has a new cupcake range... and a cleaver.
    Night of the Pinkie Pie
  • Story: Challenges of Love: Rarity's Tale

    [Sad]  A really long, sad, Rarity story for you guys!  I'm pretty sure we can all agree she is second only to Twilight Sparkle in amazingness...and Trixie every other day....and Luna on Mondays...
    Description: Rarity packs and leaves for a trip to far off Buttercup, passing up on a chance to take part in Ponyville's winter festival, to visit her family and with the hopes of buying wonderful things for her friends and family for Gift Giving Day.  Her world gets turned upside down, however, when she reconnects with an old flame and discovers the plight of a group of orphans.
    Challenges of Love: Rarity's Tale Part 1
    Challenges of Love: Rarity's Tale Part 2
    Challenges of Love: Rarity's Tale Part 3
    Challenges of Love: Rarity's Tale Part 4
  • Story: Twi-Dye Sparkle

    [Random] Dude...Twilight....

    Author: Kris Keegan
    Description: Twilight Sparkle is invited to go "joking" with Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie in Froggy Bottom Bog. She mistakes "Joking" with comedy and was in for a nasty surprise. Twilight hits her first poison joke joint and goes off on her own, causing chaos and wacky shenanigans follow her.
    Twi-Dye Sparkle
  • Story: Apple Blossom (Updated Finished!)

    [Sad] More sad stuff from the same guy that wrote Bittersweet. It's supposed to be a slight continuation of that, but not completely direct.
    Description: Spin-off of Bittersweet. The first step of growing up has always been the destruction of innocence, and Applebloom is no exception.
    Apple Blossom
    Apple Blossom Part 2
    Apple Blossom Part 3 (New!)
  • Story: Trapping the Quarterback

    [Shipping] M/trans
    Description: What happens when a fanfic author tries to redeem one of the ponies who mocked Rainbow Dash in Sonic Rainboom? Let's find out! Also, likely the first shipping fic with Rainbow Dash that she ISN'T shipped with anyone!
    Trapping the Quarterback