• Story: Bittersweet (Updated Finished!)

    [Sad] This is actually an older one converted to docs format. It's the infamous Pinkie Pie gets diabetes story.  Pinkie sure does have a lot of stories that are infamous at this point.  Anyway it's primarily sad, but kind of grimdark. Originally Written by Anon, but converted to docs by nukeiffum
    Description: Diabetes is a terrible thing, and everypony has their own way of dealing with loss..
    Bittersweet Part 2 
    Bittersweet Part 3
    Bittersweet Part 4
    Bittersweet Part 5
    Bittersweet Part 6
    Bittersweet Part 7
    Bittersweet Final (New!)
    Epilogue (New!)
    Alternate Ending (New!)

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