• 3 Sentence Story Mini-Event!

    This was something that popped up on /co/ and seemed reasonably popular, but was then buried by "FUCKING SUGAR CUBE CORNER" Gamestop style /v/ posts and fat ponies. So I do believe it is my duty to provide a separate outlet for it!

    You are now a writefriend.

    You must write a story in 3 sentences or less.

    Post it below in the comments.  I will take them and migrate them up here to the main post.

    STOPPING AT 100!  I'm going to bed now though, i'll upload the last set in the morning first come-first serve style. Feel free to exceed 100, they just wont end up at the top.

    Trixie snuck into the Ponyville dump to find her smashed cart. She kicked aside spell books, torn clothes, and premade autographs until she found a small locket. Inside was a picture of an older unicorn on stage wearing her same clothes and smirk, "Daddy" was etched inside the door.

  • MLP Review From People in Our General Age Group

    I got this one in an email, its a review of FiM from some bronies on youtube.  The only issue is the length.. yeesh 48 minutes.  You guys might want to shorten the next one a bit.  It's still pretty interesting to see the faces of fellow pony fiends though. Enjoy!
  • Story: MLP X Kamen Rider: Elements of Justice

    [Crossover] I don't really know what Kamen Rider is, but maybe some of you do.
    Description:  A MLP and Kamen Rider crossover. When the timeline is altered and Equestria becomes filled with monsters and evil-doers, it's gonna take a lot of Rider Kicks to set things in order. And maybe even some abuse of Time Travel.
    MLP X Kamen Rider: Elements of Justice
  • Drawfriend Stuff #28

    Jealous and confused Trixie edition. A couple of coloring things in here too from past drawfriend stuff.

  • Twitter Account

    I modified a dusty old Twitter account I had from a while back and turned it into a account for this site.  It's (hopefully) directly linked to my feedburner account and will automatically update, we will see though!

    You can find it here if you want to follow it.

    Equestria Daily Twitter
  • Poll Results: Who Has the Best Singing Voice

    Woops, forgot to take this down last night.  I'm actually not that surprised Rarity won.  Her VA is awesome even when she isn't singing.
  • Story Updates: Luna's Question About Love and What Rarity Needs

    Time for some Story Updates!  First off we have "Luna's Question about Love" part 2! A shipping tale about Luna/Derpy and a very confused Celestia.

    And "What Rarity Needs", a story about Rarity chasing after Big Mac.  

    Sorry non shippers!
  • Comic: Pretty Wings

    I think a lot of people silently thought this when Rarity went diety mode right in front of the God-Queen Celestia herself.

    Er looks like blogger resized it a bit too small for some of the text to be read easily, I'll try to get a link to it tomorrow. 
  • Story Updates: A Long Time Coming and Secret Tub Fun!

    First off, an update for A Long Time Coming (epilogue), a RarityXspike shipping fic that has like 30 freakin comments! I think that's one of the highest for a story so far. You can find it below on it's page...

    A Long Time Coming

    And an update to the Secret Tub Fun line of stories, this time starring Fluttershy, which also has a ton of comments and ratings and managed to surprise the crap out of me with how entertaining it was. 

    Secret Tub Fun

    As always please post comments in their respective story posts and not on this update post. 
  • Story Updates: The Party Hasn't Ended and Twilight/Trixie

    Alright I promised no more kissing, So here is pinkie just being obnoxious.

    I also promised I'd try to compile story update posts into one big post, but there aren't enough updates to do one big post so how about one small post with 2 stories?

    The first one is a fic a lot of people have been waiting for.  Part 2 of the Party Hasn't Ended (dash/pinkie shipping pic hence the thread image) by ButterScotchSundae

    You Can find the link to it's main post below!

    The Party Hasn't Ended

    And you can find the Twilight/Trixie story by fledgling writer Rent5dogs(I don't know what the name is supposed to mean) here.


    As always please comment on the actual posts, not on this one.