• Story: Tabluna Rasa (Update Complete!)

    [Normal][Shipping] "I was told to post this 'like a motherf^cker'.  I don't see how's that relevant to the plot, but here's another Luna story to make up for it."  If you'd be so kind.

    Author: Slaanme

    Description: After a thousand years in the moon, and even longer of not being yourself, how do you remember what you were truly like? Princess Luna isn't sure who she is anymore, and tries to rediscover herself through how others see her.
    Tabluna Rasa Prologue
    Tabluna Rasa Chapter 1: Dreams of Adventure: Rainbow Dash
    Tabluna Rasa Chapter 2: Dreams of Love: Fluttershy
    Tabluna Rasa Chapter 3: Dreams of Repentance: Applejack
    Tabluna Rasa Chapter 4: Dreams of Fabulosity: Rarity
    Tabluna Rasa Chapter 5: Dreams of Parties!: Pinkie Pie
    Tabluna Rasa Chapter 6: Dreams of Bonds: Twilight Sparkle (New!)

    Additional Tags: Character Exploration, Blank Slate, Luna, Dreams