• Story: The Full House (Update Part 5!)

    [Normal][Adventure] Woah... I wouldn't mind seeing her as a villain in the actual show.  Confound this fandom, it drives me to respect OC ponies. Art by Aeterne on DA.

    Author: Fireant 
    Description: When a being from the cold Void tore itself into reality with a powerful psychic scream, the Royal Princesses decided to quickly take it down before IT could bring havoc into Equestria. And there are no better monster hunters in entire land the a team of odd, vaudevillian personalities like The Full House, ready to face even the most unfathomable danger for bits and glory. Their mission - find and eliminate the threat, while body guarding six young mares, the chosen hosts for Elements of Harmony. They do not know yet, how terrifying their opponent could be.
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    The Full House: The Wanderer
    The Full House Part 2: Vaudeville
    The Full House Part 3: Arrival
    The Full House Part 4: Showtime in the Shadows 
    The Full House Part 5: The Circus is Coming To Town (New!)

    Deviant Art
    Chapter I: The Wanderer
    Chapter II: Vaudeville

    Chapter III: Arrival

    Chapter IV: : Showtime in the Shadows

    Chapter V: The Circus Is Coming To Town (New!)

    Additional Tags: Long, Cloak & Dagger, Swashbuckling, Horror, Adventure

    Vexing Sun from the story!