• Story Archeology Event

    Friendship is Magic has grown exponentially since I started this blog back in January.  A lot of the really old content here was pretty much ignored. People didn't use the comments section, and the star rating didn't even exist.

    Every week, I will take recommendations for old stories that have 2 things in common...
    1.) They must be at least 2 Weeks Old
    2.) They must have fewer than 10 Star Ratings

    Recommendations will be gathered in a post similiar to this, and fall into 3 categories...


    Two stories from each section will be chosen via poll from the pool of entries and given a second chance at life via a new blog post highlighting them at the top of the blog over night. (Or late night--> noon on my awesome sleep schedule)

    I will probably modify this as time goes on, but for now lets see how it plays out.