• Elder Scrolls Pony Trailer Pops Up EVERYWHERE

    I always love seeing ponies spread to various big name websites/gaming blogs/ect.  This is pretty awesome.

    Now someone go hack the Justin Beiber Twitter page and post about ponies so we can corrupt the next generation with them too.

    Apparently escapist jumped on it too.

    Inb4 I apply for a gaming website job in the future and get turned down because they know about this pony obsessed website. 

    (lol gaming websites really do just copy eachother)

    PC Gamer's Ponies
    Kotaku's Elder Scrolls Pony 
    >Pony series currently running on Cartoon Network
    If only...
    GameInformer's Elder Scrolls Pony Report
    Escapist Magazine Elder Scrolls Ponys