• My Little Pony: Mane Merge Update 1.2.0 Released

    Update 1.2.0 of the Apple Arcade game My Little Pony: Mane Merge has been released. As previously hinted, the update introduces a new story featuring Misty and Sparky, in which Zephyr Heights and the sheriff station are visited for the first time, and the app has a new icon to match.

    The update also adds two new minigames, a weekly challenge featuring Sprout, and other new features. The original release notes are reproduced below.

    We've got to catch that dragon! In this new book featuring fun-filled chapters, Misty Brightdawn sets off on a mission to capture Sparky the dragon.


    • This is Misty's chance to finally capture Sparky so she can get her Cutie Mark! Will she be able to catch him this time?
    • Sparky's dragon fire is out of control! Help Misty make sure the baby dragon's hijinks go unnoticed before her plans are spoiled.
    • Follow the mischievous dragon in two new locations—Zephyr Heights City and Hitch's Sheriff Station.


    • Let your creativity fly with Izzy's Paint Mania. Reveal the hidden sticker by flinging paintballs onto Izzy's canvas.
    • Neigh way! Critters are messing up Zipp's room! Make use of your detective skills in Zipp's Bedroom Takeover to spot the differences.


    • There's a whole new deck of critter cards to memorize in Zipp's Memory Mission.
    • Let's head to the beach, everypony, as we have some new critters to feed in Hitch's Feeding Time. Make sure you act fast before the critters get crabby.
    • Oh my hoofness! Izzy's got some brand-new sparkly charms to transform into a beautiful Bracelet in Izzy's Bracelet Designer.


    • Sprout's Earth pony magic is getting out of hoof!
    • Avoid explosive Glimmer Berries while fulfilling Canterlogic orders.
    • Clear the glittery goo that is jamming up the merge board by using Earth pony Wild Cards.


    • Over 20 new stickers to collect!
    • 9 new achievements to discover!
    • Miscellaneous bug fixes

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