• Animations: La Da Dee / Little Sip / Wannabe MEME / Waiting in the Wings

    We've got a bunch of animations today, some super short, others longer. We even have an interesting trend of people trying to figure out the backstory for Opaline! It's good to see that. If it was Friendship is Magic day we'd have 30 fanfics by now.

    Go get them all below!

    [1] Source
    Cody Simpson - La Da Dee (Banquo Cover) [MV by @SpaceOddpony] by banquo0

    [2] Source
    Hooded Quickies: Little Sip -Remastered- (My Little Pony animation) by Hooded Chaos Productions

    [3] Source
    Wannabe MEME || Lil Miss Rarity || [by Sparkandy] by Cosmia's Stash

    [4] Source
    MLP Waiting In The Wings (Opaline backstory animation) by The Moon Rises