• My Little Pony Comic - Classics Reimagined #2 - The Unicorn of Old - Synopsis, Writers, Artists

    The next installment of Classics Reimagined follows a Yellow Brick Road parody with your favorite G5 ponies. We have the synopsis, covers, and staff as usual.

    Head on down below for all the details on this one.

    IDW Endless Summer — My Little Pony 

    Synopsis: In the second installation of IDW’s My Little Pony: Classics Reimagined line, L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz gets pony-fied! Travel through Odd with Applejack as Dorothy, Pinkie Pie as Scarecrow, Rarity as Tin Woods- mare, and Fluttershy as Cowardly Lion. In issue #1, Dorothy lives an ordinary life at her farm in Ponyville, Kansas, with her Uncle Henrie and Granny Em. But a tornado whisks her away to a magical land of Breezies, silver horseshoes, and good and evil princesses. It almost makes her want to sing... 

    Artist: JENNA AYOUB