• My Little Pony: Mane Merge Gets an Update (1.1.0) - New

    The Mane Merge My Little Pony game for Apple Arcade has released a big new update. Ther are new chapters to the in-game story, new mini games, and lots of stickers and other things to collect.

    They also hint at future chapters to be released, and uploaded a bunch of unused models of characters like Queen Haven, Jazz Hooves, and misty. See that screencap up there for an upcoming chapter with Misty and Sparky.

    Head on down below for the full patch notes if you are curious! Or just go download it on either Apple Store.

    Patch notes:

    Oh my hoofness, Pippsqueaks! New and exciting things are here for My Little Pony: Mane Merge!


    The Mane 5 have an idea of how to help all the jittery critters -- but they’ll need help from everypony.

    • Chapter 9: Princess Pipp Petals is taking one for the team and needs some pegassistance rummaging around the Zephyr Heights cliffs.

    • Chapter 10: Let your sparkle shine with Izzy Moonbow at Maretime Bay's Beach, and restore faith to the local beachgoers.

    • Chapter 11: Detective Zipp Storm is on the case to save Equestria, but Opaline’s dark magic is in the way.


    The adventure continues: Never stop merging in the new Hungry Critters endless mode!

    • This one is for all the showponies to unlock after the completion of Chapter 11.

    • Feed the jittery critters of Equestria by merging to your heart's content.

    • Unlock 3 new stickers for your Sticker Book.


    A new mini-game is waiting for you at the Crystal Brighthouse!

    • Go galloping with Hitch Trailblazer and rescue as many critters as possible.

    • Look out for obstacles that could cause Hitch's herd to stumble.

    • Make it to the finish line to refill your Brighthouse Magic!


    • Hooves at the ready, everypony! There's a new dance track for Pipp's Dance Party!

    • 20+ stunning new stickers to collect!

    • Miscellaneous bug fixes