• This Day in Pony History - April 24th -

    Celebratory shy ponies bring on more history! Today was a bit less eventful than the past few, but there are still some fun history bits to be had.

    Go get the happenings of April 24th below!

    The early fandom was all about trying to get fan-made merchandise for the masses, and this was a hoodie project that was kinda sort successful? I wonder if anyone still has one.

    Dabu was one of those early fandom PMV makers working on a series of mane 6 videos that everyone loved, and today we got the Fluttershy one.

    Teen Titans Go did a pony parody. Some people say this show was secretly brilliant. Others, like me, never got it. Where do you live on that spectrum?

    Did we have an impact on the overall bottom line of our overlord billion dollar company? The Washington Post tried to convert our fandom's love of colorful horses to numbers.

    Back in 2015 the My Little Pony card game revealed "Nightmare Star!", a nightmarized Celestia. A lot of us thought she was coming in the next season! 

    She did not. We did get Daybreaker years later though.

    We will still never know how old the characters in the show are. Big Jim tried to give Spike a number though.

    In case you were wondering what the delay between production and airing was for your typical horse episode, we got a look into it today.

    Lewd horses headered Drawfriend cause I don't get nearly enough sleep. Also she wasn't that lewd.