• The Washington Post Analyzes How Bronies are Helping Hasbro

    There is no doubt about it, we love our colorful cartoon equines. With said love comes many an open wallet as we throw money at ideas that we actually like within the merchandise sector pony.  As we noted the other day, the girls side of Hasbro is climbing rapidly while others seem to either be dropping or very slowly increasing.

    Are we to blame for this? Is the brony phenomenon Hasbro's big trump card as children everywhere move to tablets and video games instead of Barbie Dolls and Hot Wheels? I know I've poured way too much money Funko figures and 4de plushies.  How big of an impact are we, as a fandom, having? Head on over to The Washington Post for their take on the situation!

    Thanks to Hackalot for the tip!