• Apologies for the Somewhat Lewd Drawfriend Header

    As many of you have pointed out, yesterdays drawfriend header was a little on the saucy side. If you are curious about what I'm talking about, it is now #3 over here.

    There was actually somewhat of a process on that one. As many of you probably know by now, art is by far my favorite part of the fandom. It's what keeps me motivated to go through the boatload of emails, messages, notifications, and other things that make up a day of EQD posting. Typically I like to header the Drawfriend with what I think is the best image. A drawing that nails the proportions, shading and linework, with an appealing style.

    So how did belly rubs end up as a header image? I genuinely thought it was the best of the bunch and wanted to give it all the accolades. I figured it was just safe enough to shift out of a saucy tag where not as many people would be able to appreciate the skill. The "Your Character Here" it spawned from banned NSFW requests, she didn't rock bedroom eyes, and it seemed to lean more toward cute than anything. There was a risk though. While pones in the show have done the belly rub pose plenty, fan art can be a lot more well defined, and she definitely was. Add the hoof details on there pinging another side of the fandom, and it was probably too far.

    Anyway, she's hidden now. Hopefully this was good insight into how Drawfriend kinda works. It's a lot of layers.