• Pony Community Soapbox #92 - Lauren Faust's Dislike of EG, Video Game References, Celestia Vs. Sunset, and More!

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    Headlines for the week:

    • Has Celestia always been pining for Sunset Shimmer since day one?
    • The New Elements of Harmony and Who Would Get What?
    • Why Lauren Faust Disliked Equestria Girls
    • Video Game BG Characters
    • Seventh Equestria Girls Element

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    Has Celestia always been pining for Sunset Shimmer since day one?
    By: Nightmare Muffin

    Looking back at episode 1, immediately after Twi and friends reform her sister, Celestia calls Twilight “her faithful student”. Twilight doesn’t seem to know that Celestia had any other personal proteges other than herself, at that time (in fact, it’s only revealed to her in the first Equestria Girls movie). So what does Celestia gain by calling Twilight her “faithful student” at the time of the season 1 premier? Who is she trying to remind by saying it? Simple- this implies that Celestia still has an unfaithful student on her mind to make such a statement- Sunset Shimmer. She’s still hurting, still pining over her unfaithful student, and is reminding herself of it because she sees traces of where Sunset could’ve been, in Twilight, and blames herself for it. This is seen in her IDW comic dialogue in “the fall of Sunset Shimmer”, when SS tells her that not giving her what she wanted was the biggest mistake Celestia would’ve done, and Celestia agrees by saying “just one of many”. Not to mention the fact that in EG, when Twilight returns home, questioning if Sunset was ok was the first thing out of Celestia’s mouth

    Why Lauren Faust Disliked Equestria Girls
    By Anonymous

    It’s taken years, but I finally understand why Lauren Faust and many others don’t care for Equestria Girls. After all, it’s everything she didn’t want and focused against with FiM. It’s got a high school setting, the world is ordinary, the characters are just teenagers with some comic book superpowers for a bit of spice, the challenges are just ordinary teens with similar powers to use to lash out, and it’s just a bunch of movies and shorts.

    Yep, I totally get why she and so many others wouldn’t want to have anything to do with it. After all, her latest work clearly shows just how much she detests this, with stuff like “Wander Over Yonder” and…

    “Super Best Friends Forever” and “DC Super Hero Girls”…

    These two are short series about teenage comic book heroes with super powers going through high school level drama…

    The latter of them having a bunch of movies and involving a high school setting and a main cast of 7 female super-powered individuals…

    One of them voiced by Tara Strong…

    …Did Lauren Faust…?

    Nah! Of course not! It’s a stupid high school show! Nothing good ever came of a school show, and Lauren’s original show proves it! And I can’t wait to see what it has in store for us this season!

    *Twilight Sparkle*: “We’re Gonna Open a School!”

    …So can we let Lauren Faust make a new TV show out of Equestria Girls too? G5 EqG? Please? Throw her all the money?

    The New Elements of Harmony and Who Would Get What?
    By: Anonymous

    So kind of spoilers for anyone that didn’t see the leaks, but I think this idea is interesting and worth talking about and I’ll be referring to it in the vaguest of ways possible.

    From what we know about the future of MLP, it seems like the new student 6 are poised to become the new bearers of the Elements of Harmony. I think it’s a neat idea and supports the concept that Twilight’s true kingdom and destiny isn’t to become just a ruler random Princess of Friendship or Celestia’s Successor (though I do hope that latter option is passed onto another sun-themed character in a potential new character arc with lots of cute mother/daughter moments between the two), but rather that it was to unite the world and its creatures to ensure that harmony would exist for years to come.

    My question is who do you think will take on which element? How do you think they will receive them? Who do you think deserves to be the new leader?

    Video Game BG Characters
    By: MegaSean45

    Any of you like video games? I sure do! I haven't seen the sun in years! Ever played games like Halo, Grand Theft Auto, Bioshock, Doom, Red Dead Redemption, Skyrim, Half-Life, Team Fortress, and others? Well, I actually wanna see some BG ponies on the show with some of these characters in some sort of environment that fits into them! For example: ponies go to the Dragon Lands, and we see a pony dressed as the Dragon Born from Skyrim! We have an episode that takes place in Appleloosa or Dodge Junction, we'd get John Marston from Red Dead Redemption! How about Niko and Roman Bellic at the Bowling Alley? :D In other scenarios we could have Master Chief or Doom Guy! It shouldn't be hard for Gordon Freeman to get a part, as he shares the same VA as Vinyl Scratch! I can even take the Companion Cube from Portal as a BG character!

    Y'think these characters are too adult for the show? Need I remind you about The Shining kid in Make New Friends But Keep Discord? And don't get me started on Walter White or Rick and Morty from Grannies Gone Wild! Lemme know your opinions! :D

    Equestria Girls and the Seventh Element
    By: Sugar Loop

    In the season 7 finale we found out that the Elements of Harmony were actually the seeds of hope that the Pillars planted before they faced off with the Pony of Shadows. In Equestria Girls, these same elements are used by the Mane 7 through their geode necklaces. However, where did Sunset’s necklace come from if there were originally only six?

    I believe that, knowing he would soon be fighting with the Pillars, Stygian planted his own seed in order to last through the ages as the Pillars did. However, because his was not planted with good intentions, it was not until Sunset’s redemption in Rainbow Rocks that it became active. Stygian didn’t know it at the time, but he had planted and grown the Element of Forgiveness. Both he and Sunset had done bad things, and they both redeemed themselves in the end, which is why it connected to her. This is more of an “extra” element, as forgiveness by itself is not integral to friendship. However, it can be added in order to heal a friendship when needed and make it even more powerful than it was before.