• Hasbro to Team Up With Mattel and Combine Both Brands for Toys and Games

    In a startling move that probably no one expected, Hasbro will be teaming up with the other big toy giant Mattel to create toys and games based on both of their properties, effectively sharing licenses on things like Barbie and Monopoly. Considering how much they love cobbling Magic and Dungeons and Dragons with everything out there lately we expected more weird Hasbro brands to pop up over there, but another company entirely opens up some wild possibilities.

    On the pony front, we could see some actual Equestria Girls Monster High dolls for example, or even, dare I say it, WWE and pony?

    We will find out where this leads soon! They haven't mentioned anything specific outside of making a note that both Transformers and Barbie are hitting the big screen this year in a quote provided by Toybook. We might not get any pony at all in the end.