• "Zipp Storm Style Of The Day" Toy Listing Reveals Theme of Upcoming Make Your Mark Special

    A listing for the new "Zipp Storm Style of the Day" toy has appeared on Amazon US. The toy isn't stocked yet but it can be pre-ordered for US$19.99.

    Misty and Pipp are also going to be part of the "Style of the Day" series, but they haven't been listed on Amazon yet.

    The product description says that the toy was "inspired by the My Little Pony: Make Your Mark Bridlewoodstock special where the ponies throw a magical music festival". There are going to be two more 44-minute special episodes in the initial 27-episode run of My Little Pony: Make Your Mark, so the Bridlewoodstock special will be either the 3rd or 4th one. Maybe it'll be the 3rd special? I think it'd make more sense for the 4th special to be a resolution to Opaline and Misty's current arc, although that could also involve a music festival somehow.

    Check below for more images and the original product description.

    • STYLE ZIPP STORM'S ROCKIN' LOOK: Get this Zipp toy ready to rock with clip-on mane extension, water-reveal face paint, outfit and jewelry accessories, and more

    • 16 PIECES: My Little Pony hair styling doll set includes accessories for amazing manestyles, festival fashions, and stickers for customizing toy pony

    • ENTERTAINMENT-INSPIRED: Fashions and accessories are inspired by the My Little Pony: Make Your Mark Bridlewoodstock special where the ponies throw a magical music festival

    • 5.5-INCH POSEABLE PONY: Fashion doll pony is 5.5 inches tall with articulated arms and legs for posing. My Little Pony figures make great gifts for 5 year old girls and boys

    • LOOK FOR OTHER STYLING PONIES: Discover more kids toys with Style of the Day Princess Pipp Petals, Misty Brightdawn, and more (Each sold separately. Subject to availability.)

    Customize rockin' hairstyles, awesome outfits, and fun accessories with My Little Pony Style of the Day Zipp Storm! Zipp is a rebellious Pegasus princess who discovers exciting magic in the My Little Pony: Make Your Mark Bridlewoodstock special. This My Little Pony figure comes with everything needed for music festival fashion. Kids can customize Zipp's mane and tail with a hair extension and clips, accessorize her outfit with jewelry and a rock star-inspired vest, and use cold water to make her face paint design change colors! This My Little Pony toy with wings is 5.5-inches tall with poseable arms and legs. Hair play doll also comes with a comb for brushing her colorful mane and tail. My Little Pony fashion dolls make great gifts for girls and boys! Look for other Style of the Day Unicorn toys, Pegasus toys, and other My Little Pony toys for boys and girls age 5 and up (Each sold separately. Subject to availability). My Little Pony and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.

    Thanks to Zatillias for letting me know about this!

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