• 14 Awesome Fanfics to Read for Derpy Day!

    It's Derpy Day, so you need to go read fanfics about her! Or else!

    Since we only post new stuff in these, we are a little limited today, but if you desperately need more you can find last year's compilation over here!

    Head on down below to read about Derpy. Thanks to Whisper Key for scouting them out as always.


    Slice of Life




    The D.H Postal Company by Jessi [9k words]


    Whether rain pours or a storm rages, no matter the time or day of the week, or even if the destination lies far across Equestria, Derpy sees it as her duty to travel wherever she must to ensure her letters are posted to their rightful recipients.

    "No letter that can be sent deserves to go undelivered, sir."

    Inspired by the Violet Evergarden novels.


    Derpy's Protector by SlightlyOnline [1k words]


    Derpy loves her daughter more than life itself. She always looks forward to when her little filly will come home with a wide smile across her face, but what can she do when there is no smile? What can she say when the young pony's bright eyes are blackened and bruised? Sometimes, a mother's wings are all she can offer; sometimes, that's not enough.


    Dinky's First Hearth's Warming by Admiral Biscuit [3k words]


    Derpy and Dinky celebrate their first Hearth's Warming in Ponyville, and although Derpy had intended to spend it alone with her daughter, her friends had other ideas and invite the two of them for an earth pony Hearth's Warming dinner.


    My Mountain by LunaUsesCaps [16k words]


    With the Ponyville Circuit coming up soon, Rainbow Dash thinks it would be a great idea if Derpy decided to compete in the race. However, something like that poses its own set of problems.


    Raising Raindrops by Skyekun [23k words]


    Everypony in town knows -of- Derpy, but how many really know her? A story examining the heart and soul of the mother mailmare as a strange revelation forces her to redefine her understanding of friends, family, and what qualifies as normal.

    Warning: this story may contain material not of interest to some readers, love and tolerance is advised.









    Derpy's Cardboard Castle by Britanon [6k words]


    From all her time working as a mail mare, Derpy has acquired quite some expertise in cardboard boxes and uses her talents to create the most indomitable cardboard box fort right in Anon's garden. All is fun and games until Equestria's aristocracy gets wind of it and decide it poses a credible threat to their power and reputation.


    Multitasking by GravityDefyingCoffeeMug [1k words]


    Typical stallion, can't multitask. Can he talk and listen at the same time? Derpy wants to know.


    An Itch You Can't Scratch by Bad_Seed_72 [10k words]


    After a tiring day at work, Carrot Top trudges home. As usual, her cross-eyed roommate, Derpy Hooves, has emptied the fridge. Nothing out of the ordinary.

    However, when Derpy comes down with a case of incessant itching and what's colloquially known as "the herp walk," Carrot's day is about to become... not so ordinary.









    Memorial by Buxton [2k words]


    Bright Eyes makes her annual visit to her Mama's grave, and relives some sad memories along the way.


    I Wish You Could by Tofazz [6k words]


    Being a single mother can be tough, especially when you have nopony to share your pain with.

    Ditzy always hid her pain from her daughter, keeping her feelings bottled up inside.

    After an unfortunate release of her emotions, will Ditzy be able to make it right by her daughter?

    Will a second chance emerge with help from unexpected places?


    Two Pegasi Sitting on a Bridge by saarni [2k words]


    The life of a mail-delivery pony definitely has its ups and downs; today is very much a down as far as Ditzy is concerned, and she can't wait to get home, put her hooves up, and forget about everything that's gone wrong for her in her life. On the way back to Ponyville, she runs into Rainbow Dash who, it seems, is also struggling with a bad day of her own.









    Derpy Gets Fired by GarlandGala [3k words]


    Derpy Hooves has lost her long-running job as the mailmare of Ponyville, and it's up to Pinkie Pie to cheer her up. But Derpy is a very special case for the element of laughter, and making her smile again is anything but business as usual.










    Planting the Seeds of Doubt  by Impossible Numbers [8k words]


    If the soul is a private garden, then Wallflower's is full of choking weeds and abandoned trash. Thankfully, she's clearing it out now, with help from her friend Derpy in the gardening club.

    Yet something lurks below the soil, waiting for its chance.

    Wallflower wants to bury it, but she's scared. What if it can't be killed at all? There must be another way. A better way to keep a garden pure...


    The Ditzy Diary of a Certain Pegasus by TooShyShy [37k words]


    A little known fact about Derpy Hooves is that she has been keeping a diary ever since she learned to write. Spread out through several volumes, she has documented the various ups and downs of her life so that she may reflect on them. Derpy's diary tells a long story of positives, negatives, and the occasional tragedy. But through it all, Derpy always manages to find the light at the end of the tunnel.