• Thunderbird Entertainment Listing 4 Possible 44 Minute G5 Specials, and 23 Episodes For their Current Pipeline

    The parent company for Atomic Cartoons released a PDF on their website showing off their current pipeline for upcoming project releases, and included a whole MOUNTAIN of pony, with "4x44 mins, 23x22 mins" listed for content. Unfortunately we can only speculate what exactly that means. We know we are supposed to get one 44 minute special some time before the series later in the year, but we didn't expect 4 of them! Hopefully more information becomes available over time, but for now we can at least expect to get a whopping 682 minutes of generation 5 ponies in the future. Considering how successful the G5 movie seems to be, it's not surprising at all that they are going all out this time!

    We will let you all know more as it's revealed. For now, just expect lots of Sunny, Izzy, Hitch, Pipp, and Zipp in the future! 


    Thanks to VcSaJen for the heads up.