• This Day in Pony History - January 29th! - Art, Art, and More Art!


    It seems people liked exploring our history yesterday, so I'm going to keepm those posts going for a bit, at least for this period since so much happens in February for whatever reason.

    January 29th was pretty art dominated across the years, with dedicated Flurry stuff, and in the early days full compilations every half-a-day. There was a LOT.

    Go check out what we were up to from 2011-2018 on this day specifically?


    Art: Drawfriend Stuff #5

    One of our earliest drawfriend posts, and the shipping of lesbian horses explodes for the next decade! Also 90% of this day was fanfiction. We had a LOT of it. 


    December Draw Off Results!

    We used to have a bunch of art contests, and some absolutely amazing artists appeared from these posts.


    Alicorn Twilight merchandise has started appearing. Was our precious little unicorn growing wings?


    Japanese MADNESS

    The Japanese dub of Friendship is Magic is one of the big highlights of 2014. We cover every episode and the hype is crazy. People love their anime VA's.


    Why not celebrate with the top videos of 2014?


    A certain new alicorn was revealed, and we had an entire post dedicated to her.


    Scholastic releases new, really good Luna figure. The twi was a little derpy though.


    Luna continues winning all the polls.