• Unused Album Artwork for "Street Heart" Song Found

    This is the unused single cover art for the song "Street Heart" from My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale.

    This image would have been used on Spotify and other streaming services if it had been released on November 4 last year as originally planned, but for some reason they decided not to. In any case, the song was later included on the Tell Your Tale - Vol. 1 soundtrack album, which was released on November 11.

    I found this image on Wynk Music, which I'd never heard of before and is apparently a streaming service owned by the Indian telecom Airtel. It's not clear to me whether the song was actually released on this service on November 4.

    There are two newer songs from My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale which haven't been released on streaming services yet, those being "Every New Day (Is The Best Day Ever)" and "Ain't Gonna Wait". There isn't any indication so far that these or future songs from the show will be released individually, so we might have to wait until the end of season 1 to see those on streaming services (presumably as part of Tell Your Tale - Vol. 2).

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