• "The Horses Mouth" Interview Series Returns Tomorrow With Michelle Creber!

    Howdy everypony! Many have been wondering what has happened to our regular interview series "The Horses Mouth" I am just swinging by today to let everyone know the state of things and what to expect moving forward. We have some exciting news as well below the break so check it out!

    As ya guys know, I have been doing a weekly interview series with members and previous members of our community where we talk about ponies, make fun of Seth's bat pony addition, and rage about Twilight's wings. However, an episode has not gone up in a few months and I'd like to explain why. As we were approaching our most recently released episode, I had brought on some talented help in the hopes we could start upping the quality of things (as was the plan from the start) and we began doing exactly that. During this time I got the very unfortunate news that my grandfather had passed away. This was followed by testing positive for covid, found out my step mom lost my siblings to the state, and that only begins to describe the start of last couple months for me. This all came quite unexpectedly as I had just lost my other grandfather a few months before and my family was still handling things.

    On top of this, the people I had brought on found they were unable to contribute any longer (Which is fine, we are doing this for the love of the game) , and the work to improve things fell back onto me. I couldn't really take care of it unfortunately. Even going back to posting as it had been became something I had no time for between sorting all of this out. Now I am not one for excuses, really, I hate to have to let yall know about this stuff but I really have loved doing these so far and I hated not having the time to come on and explain things in the detail it deserved. I hope you all understand that what has been going on in my personal life has been quite overwhelming and I had allowed myself to be brought down by that and I apologize from the bottom of my heart.

    However I am able to say that things have been slowing down and I am getting caught up. Turns out, I had someone on staff who really wanted to help with editing and the such and I have been blessed to now have his help with things moving forward. Although it will be a few months of episodes (as we still have many) I did put a grand into A/V equipment to help clean things up, and was able to help get all of that set up by some very talented fellows. As soon as we start recording new episodes, we should hopefully start seeing improvement all around. We really want to do our best to make things for yall to enjoy and to bring us closer and I am crazy grateful and the support and views so far.

    SO.. to end on strong note, I'd like to announce that the Horse's Mouth is back and ready to start posting again. We will be switching to a bi-weekly schedule to ensure we are giving things the appropriate time and attention and will re-examine this later if need be. Starting this Saturday (Tomorrow) at our usual time will be our next episode and I hope to see yall there!