• Equestria Daily's NYCC Coverage Day 1: And so it Begins... Again!

    Hello Equestria Daily!

    It's once again that time of year for New York Comic Con!

    First of all appologies for being a day late with the first day's coverage. I was running around so much yesterday (and was out later than usual) that by the time I got home I was dead on my feet and passed out as soon as my head hit the pillow. 

    Actually it was before since I'm pretty sure the bed broke my fall.

    Anyways, today is a new day, and let's go into everything I expereinced while at the big apple yesterday!

    Starting with getting to the Javits Center at 7:30 AM. 

    Why get to the convention venue so early on the first day?

    Well this is something I had learned a very long time ago. If you want to have a chance at acquiring the merchandise you want, you have to be first in line. Especially for those high in demand items.

    And be ready to book it to the booths you absolutely need to see. Hence why I passed out as soon as I got in. But what exclusive could I have possibly been after that warranted me booking it through the show floor as soon as I was allowed in?

    Well first and foremost I needed to make a stop at Hero Within.

    Hero Within specializes in creating jackets, shirts, and hoddies that express fandom while not necessiarily being obtuse about it.

    Although this year they had a convention exclusive Star Trek Customize Clothing Experience. While that was neat, the biggest draw for me was the Star Trek Strange New Worlds Landing Party Jacket Replica they were selling at the various cons they were at this year.

    These jackets are not available on their online store and have sold out at every single show they have been at this year.

    So that was priority number 1. What was priority number 2? 


    Yes, Day One of New York Comic Con is shopping day. And bar none one of the most indemand convention exclusives for any show is Hallmark's Keepsake Ornaments.

    There was no Star Trek or MLP exclusives at their booth (shame) but their was a Spider-Gwen exclusive ornament I picked up.

    Hallmark also uses this booth to show off upcoming pop culture merchandise releases. Including...

    ... I usually ignore Hallmark's Itty Bitty line of plush toys. Even when they did a My Little Pony Line. The design just do not appeal to me.

    However a Star Trek Itty Bitty Judge Q does appeal to me and I must have him!

    ... after he comes out in November. What can I say, I have a mighty need for merchandise of my favorite character. 

    Speaking of mighty needs...

    Mighty Jaxx made their way to to NYCC this year!

    If you think that name sounds familiar, you would be correct. Mighty Jaxx is known for high end collectible figures including their hidden dissectible line of figures.

    With front and center on display being the hidden dissectibles Princess Celestia.

    Considering I will probably never own her, she is a sight to behold.

    But Celestia wasn't the only MLP Hidden Dissectibles showed off at the con.

    Series Two was also show (and available for sale) which included the GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE!!! 

    Just look at this Great and Powerful Dissection!

    However if you are looking for something a little less... grotesque (now there's an SAT word) the Kwistal Fwenz My Little Pony Series was on full display.

    Starting with Series 1 (Rainbow Dash is awesome)...

    ... and what I think is the debut of Series 2. No Trixie in the second series but Derpy, Luna, Celestia, and Nightmare Moon more than make up for the lack of the Greatest and Most Powerful of Unicorns!


    Look, that is my logic and I am sticking to it.

    My next stop was IDW. They might have skipped out last year on NYCC (and the con scene in general) however they were back with avengance this year. 

    Their new IDW City Booth theme has to be their best booth to date.

    It stands out as a unique booth, with their various IPs worked in a graffiti. Like for instance, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash's cutie marks being seen plain as day as the front of the booth.

    A kiaju saized Godzilla overlooks IDW's information desk, which is also where they are giving away a lot of freebies.

    Including free comics!

    I have a feeling these will be gone by Sunday.

    On the other side of the front of the booth we have on display the non-exclusive merchandise they brought with them.

    Including the Trade Paperback of My Little Pony: Generations.

    The back of the booth includes the autograph area, and features Twilight's, Pinkie's, and Rarity's cutie marks.

    Ironically there is no MLP Comic Signing scheduled for this NYCC at IDW's booth.

    Especially since MLP Comic Creators happen to be in Artist Alley (that'll be in another post later today)

    So what did I do after I got all my shopping done?

    There were a handful of panels that I went to. Big City Greens was of them, where the latest Tiny Chibi Tales (storyboarded and directed by MLP Alumus Sabrina Alberghetti) was debuted.

    It was hysterical.

    However that wasn't the only Disney Branded Programming panel I saw yesterday. For immediately following that panel was...

    The Owl House.

    The panel room was filled to bursting for this one. Since it was essentially the final panel for the show. Diana Terrance (creator of the Owl House), Alex Hirsh (creator of Gravity Falls, VA of Hooty and King), Mae Whitman (Amity), Sarah-Nicole Robles (Luz) Zeno Robinson (Hunter), and Cissy Jones (Lilith) all came up on stage to discuss the show, show off some behind the scenes production work.

    There was one image that had me busting a gut of Hunter and Gus dressing up as characters from Star Trek.

    And the first 6 minutes of the 44 minutes The Owl House Special coming out on October 15th. 

    I'm not saying a word about what the footage contains, but I will give my overall impression: it has all the feelings you could have hoped for.

    As I said, the first day is a shopping.

    The second day is also a shopping day, but geared towards the 500 or so comic artists in Artist Alley that are the beating heart of the industry. 

    Including those who have worked on the My Little Pony comics from IDW!

    So you can look forward to my post about that later today!

    Until then, I am The Illustrious Q. See you!