• 25 of the Best Fanfics to Read for Pinkie Pie Day!

    It's Pinkie Pie day fanfic time! We've got a bunch of them for you all to explore, different from last year. Be sure to hit up the old post if you need more.  Now go read everything below! And thanks to Whisper Key for digging them up.


    Slice of Life




    Wednesdays Are Sacred by Aragon [1k words]


    Mr. and Mrs. Cake choose to commit a murder in their kitchen.

    A feelgood story.


    The Incognito Cart by bahatumay [5k words]


    Canterlot’s best kept secret is the Incognito Cart, a food cart that sells all the greasy, deep-fried, spicy, butter-caked foods no posh pony would ever be caught dead eating. As part of the rules, every pony present must remain 100% anonymous.

    But in a place where every pony is a Stranger, there might also be something else worth finding here...


    Bottled Happiness by Silent Whisper [4k words]


    The pills were first advertised in the local newspaper. The advert was simple: a yellow smiley face held in a hoof of a pony. Underneath the image were three words:


    Naturally, Pinkie just had to see if they worked as promised. After all, happiness with no side effect was a tempting offer.


    Rocky Relationships by JaketheGinger [5k words]


    Meet Maud.

    Maud isn't your typical Canterlot High student. She often eats lunch by herself, never has sleepovers with anyone and seems to spend most of her time with her pet rock she named Boulder.

    Her sister, Pinkie Pie, reckons that needs to change. And she'll try her hardest to get Maud some friends that are elementary, not sedimentary. After all, how can Maud ever know the joys and benefits of having friends if she doesn't have any?









    Two Cracked Eggs by FanficReader920 [2k words]


    Pinkie barges into Sunset's apartment early in the morning with an urgent request.


    A Real Baked Bad by Propellerface [1k words]


    Twilight wants a morning of peace and quiet. Inadvertently, Pinkie ruins this while also ruining a kitchen.


    Cold Case by Bachiavellian [3k words]


    When a special birthday cake goes missing, it's up to Private Eye Pinkie Pie to figure out which of her friends is the culprit!


    Meeting The Family by Harmony Charmer [28k words]


    After everything that's happened between Sombra and Pinkie, they decide to take the next step in their relationship together. Unfortunately, there's one little issue...

    Sombra has to meet Pinkie's family first!


    Code Blue by Summer Dancer [8k words]


    Pinkie Pie must find Sonata a new bra, like, now.


    The One Where Pinkie Gets Even by Justice3442 [15k words]


    Discord still has a lot to learn about friendship. Spending some one-on-one time with each of his new friends is helping. If only they wouldn’t get so upset about being turned into fruit or having their hair eaten.

    What’s that? Make my life a living nightmare? Foolish pink pony! I’m Discord, the Lord of Chaos. What could a simple pony like you possibly do to me?


    Pinkie's Free Candy Van by Arwhale [6k words]


    Pinkie Pie devises a new plan to drum up money for Sugarcube Corner and spread cheer to all of the ponies of Equestria.

    It doesn't exactly turn out the way she hoped.


    What Is a Pie? by The Iguana Man [15k words]


    There are many words that can describe the equine force of nature that is Pinkie Pie: loud, fast, bouncy, hyperactive, wild, frenzied, fun...

    These are, Rarity would freely admit, normally absolutely wonderful qualities for her friend to have. However, there are circumstances where even the most universally positive qualities are... not ideal. And, she would politely insist, there is at least one place in Ponyville that Pinkie's irrepressible exuberance should never intrude upon: the spa. Rarity would consider this a reasonable arrangement.

    And yet, thanks to an ill-timed conversation and the dread spectre of social politeness, these two worlds of hers will soon collide when she is forced to invite Pinkie to spend some time with her in her haven of relaxation.

    Will the Ponyville Spa survive? And even if it does, will Rarity's reputation there come out unscathed? Or will, by some miracle, Pinkie bring herself down to the realm of mortals and show Rarity more about herself than she ever could have guessed.


    Hold It by Summer Dancer [3k words]


    Being locked in a small, confined house for several hours wouldn't be so bad, if there was a bathroom to use. And Pinkie Pie needs to go badly.


    The Tenth Anniversary of the Death of Jonagold Apple by Titanium Dragon [2k words]


    After learning that it is the anniversary of the death of Applejack's father, Pinkie Pie decides to throw her friend a party to cheer her up.

    Too bad Applejack has no clue what's going on.









    Should Something Be Missing? by RDT [1k words]


    On an otherwise calm morning, with Twilight out of town, Pinkie Pie has a revelation.

    She doesn’t feel like herself. She’s not sure if she wants to feel like herself, either.

    She wants to be something different. Something… missing.


    We Are Okay by Harmony Pie [4k words]


    Twilight Sparkle may be a brilliant scientist, a flawless engineer, and a wielder of otherworldly magic—but she's not infallible. Sometimes, she isn't okay. Pinkie knows this.


    Laugh, Laugh by PresentPerfect [1k words]


    Put on your costume and powder your face.

    Give yourself a chance to finish the race.

    Keep dancing on that stage until the curtain falls at last.

    And laugh, Ponyacci, laugh...

    The great clown Ponyacci was a life-long inspiration to Pinkie Pie. She was honored to count him among her large circle of friends, not that they were ever close. That's why, one cold and windy day, she was surprised and excited to get his invitation. She was also surprised, and far less excited, when she found him. Now she's left with questions, heartache and a need to understand: Why?


    Excessive Worry by Piquo Pie [2k words]


    It can takes the average newborn foal a day to walk. Sometimes it takes longer. Sometimes something is wrong. Sometimes a foal bounces back.


    I Don't Know If I'm Real... by North [2k words]



    It was all Pinkie had felt for such a long time. For such an exhaustingly long time, unable to see or hear or breathe...

    What was it that led to this? So hard to remember...it was a contest, designed to find who the "real" Pinkie was. The real Pinkie...was that her? She couldn't remember anymore. All she could was hang on the last shreds of that golden life she used to enjoy...









    Flightless Rainbow by XenoPony [2k words]


    After a long day of working at Sugarcube Corner, Pinkie Pie eagerly awaits closing time so she can spend some time with her new marefriend Rainbow Dash. Who has been grounded lately due to a wing injury. Unfortunately, when the pegasus arrives she's not her usual, confident self. So Pinkie does what she does best, she sets out to make her marefriend smile again.


    How the Half-Naked Santa Saved Christmas by Dubs Rewatcher [5k words]


    It's been a few months since the Battle of the Bands, and Adagio Dazzle is trying her best to become one of the "good guys." Sure, she won't wear any pajamas that aren't ninety percent see-through. And yeah, she can't stop threatening to kick puppies. But still, she's trying!

    A week before her first Hearth's Warming, Adagio finds herself facing the most ridiculous task of her life: teaching Pinkie Pie the true meaning of the holiday season. Now, armed with nothing but her wits and a lot of alcohol, Adagio must save Hearth's Warming for the woman she loves doesn't hate as much as everyone else.









    Author, Author! by Pascoite [7k words]


    Much to her surprise, Pinkie Pie has discovered that the pen is a mighty tool, indeed. When she first tried her hoof at writing, she had no idea what the consequences might be. Now, more is at stake than she ever could have imagined.


    Happy Birthday, Dear Twilight by Pascoite [8k words]


    Pinkie has a secret. So far, she's kept it from everyone, but Twilight can tell that something's wrong with her. So she offers what vague support she can… until Pinkie takes her into the basement to show her.









    Temporary Measures by ambion [5k words]


    Twilight Sparkle had everything she wanted and then it exploded.

    That was last week. And sure, she got a swank new castle out of it, but that's poor consolation. Coping with what she's lost - and gained - isn't as easy as it sounds. It's a good thing she doesn't have to deal with this on her own.


    Pinkie Pie goes to Hogwarts by WoomyWobble [68k words]


    Drama, mystery and funny stuff all wrapped in an epic adventure! Follow Pinkie Pie as she finds herself in the magical world of wizarding Britain. Here she will find new friends, new baked goods and new parties!

    But be warned because Pinkie will face many horrors and challenges along the way and her journey will not be for the faint of heart.