• Equestria Daily's NYCC Coverage Day 2: The Art is in the Alley

    It's later. It is officially later on Friday of New York Comic Con and the convention is in full swing!

    Just look at that sea of people.

    Now remember the Javits Center is more or less 3 stories tall across 5 NY city blocks. Every single square foot of the show is fill with this many people.

    It is absolutely insane.

    But there is something else that is really insane, and it begs a question, which I will ask after the break.

    Are we absolutely sure NYCC is a comic convention and NOT an Anime Expo?

    Are we absolutely--

    --one hundred percent--

    ---sure that NYCC is a comic book convention?


    Oh yeah. Manga sales make up the lions share of comic book sales in the United States and have been for over 20 years.

    Nevermind all is well!

    But what else is well is New York Comic Con's Artist Alley!

    Today I spent a little bit of time--when I wasn't being mowed down by the Times Square sized crowd--catching up with the IDW My Little Pony Crew both past and present!

    So shall we go take a dive in?

    More or less in the order of booth numbers and when I ran into each creator.

    Starting with fan favorite Katie Cook!

    Katie has been incredibly busy with project she cann't talk about (because they haven't been announced yet). However something she could talk about a little bit is that her Webtoon Nothing Special will be coming back soon!

    How soon is still TBD, but it is coming back. So for those of you who have been following one of the best comics on the net, you have nothing to fear!

    Except maybe Batman! As Andy Price happily reminded me.

    And this was a surprise appearance since Andy wasn't actually listed on NYCC's official website for this con this year. 

    I'm betting that was an oversight.

    Anyways, Andy has finished his pages for the 10th Anniversary Reprint of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Issue #1.

    He didn't have any of thoese pages to show off at the con... that I can remember. I'll have to go through his comic pages again to be sure, but it's a nice little 4 page backup story that he's proud of.

    Aside from that he has been working on some new comic projects. Details on those are soon to be announced, so you'll have to keep an eye out on his social media for them. 

    Captain Christopher Pike of the USS Enterprise--I mean Thom Zahler is over the moon that his Kickstarter for Cupid's Arrow Volume 2 was a smashing success! 

    And his current work on Love and Capes: Home for the Holidays has been progressing nicely. He's aiming to finish up the current story relatively soon. Why?

    Christmas is coming up and he hinted he might have some plans that need to be kickstarted into high gear.

    Agnes is happy to be working on the My Little Pony "I Can Read Comics" releases from Harper Collins.

    It's a very different working arrangement from her time on the IDW comic books, but she has been enjoying it.

    She was also enjoying the line of customers she had at her table looking for new water color sketches. I think the only person who might be more busy than Agnes was Katie... which is not surprising since Katie usually needs line management at shows of this size.

    Lady Sara Richard had a new book released by DC Comics last month. 

    Titled "Deadman Tells Spooky Tales"--sidenote: HA! I LOVE THE TITLE--Sara drew the cover art and most of the connecting pages of the book which tie the separate short stories together.

    She also wasn't the only MLP Alumni to work on this volume. Andy Price and Agnes Garbowska both contributed their spooky talents to the book. So if you're looking for something different from your MLP comic creatives, I suggest you go pick it up.

    Aside from that, Sara is working on a new Tarot Card set. There will be more word on that coming out soon! 

    This fall Jay Fosgitt will be launching a Kickstarter for Bodie Troll!


    Okay! Pack it up! This is the biggest announcement for NYCC! Show is over you can all go home now!

    Kidding aside, Jay is extremely excited for this kickstarter whch he is hoping to launch in either October or November of this month. Be sure to check it out!

    New MLP Comic Writer Stephanie Williams is excited for first MLP Comic book to come out later this December! It's My Little Pony issue #7. And it's going to be Hitch Tastic!

    MLP G5 cover artist Brianna Garcia is happy with the work she has done on MLP to date. She's hoping for more work on the comics soon.

    After I checked in with the MLP Crew in Artist Alley I walked the show floor a little bit more and ran into Toynk.

    Turns out they had a little bit of MLP Merch for sale.

    Both of them for Rainbow Dash.

    Which seems like a fitting way to end today's coverage of NYCC.

    Tomorrow is going to be a busy day. Why? Well...

    ...it's Star Trek Universe Day. Until next time. This has been The Illustrious Q!