• Discussion: Why Have You Not Embraced Bats and Kirins?

    Artist: xwhitedreamsx

    I woke up today to people demanding the removal of bats. The closure of kirins. The re-application of unicorns, pegasus, and earth ponies. Unfortunately I cannot give in to these demands. Bats and Kirin are the peak of pony. Bat ponies have cute wings, fangs, and ear tufts. Their eyes can do that cute cat thing where the pupil gets all big and it's like omg this cat is cute, while simultaneously doing that thing where they turn into slits and it's like omg this cat is terrifying. How can you beat that? You can't. It's impossible. They just have superior eyes.

    Kirin on the other hand take pony tails and ramp them up to the next level. Instead of just a pile of hair on a dock, they take the dock, (which according to the brony fandom is the best part) and expand it to become the focus, shifting the hair to instead be a neat little accent styled into flag-like sections of cuteness. Why deny their superiority?

    This is your chance to confess to your kirin-hating and bat-loathing sins. Tells us why your opinions are terrible and why you haven't yet changed your OC into a batpony, waifue'd a kirin (if you are in that deep), swapped your profile picture over to a bat, drawn Sweet Velvet as a kirin, or built a shrine in your closet that isn't at all creepy and definitely does not have $1500 worth of lifes-size bedroom-eyed plushies mail-ordered from across the ocean because you do NOT have a problem and you definitely do NOT need therapy....

    Even terrible people can turn over a new leaf. Not that you are terrible. You are simply misguided. That's even easier to come back from. Let us fix you today so that you too can understand the wonders of kirinlife and the joys of batlife.