• Introducing Bats & Kirin! That's it. The Site is Just Called "BATS & KIRIN" Now

    It is now April according to the internet, which means it's time to unleash a new EQD on the masses. It's no secret that 10 years ago when this website was first born, it was originally created with the goal of simply getting more Trixie episodes. With that long since accomplished, we turned our attention to a new future for My Little Pony! One that would fundamentally improve every single aspect of it from the ground up. A concept so powerful that Hasbro would be foolish to ignore! I tell you here and now, our demands were simple but glorious! MORE BATS AND KIRIN!

    Unfortunately, we, and Hasbro in conjunction failed horribly. Everything about Equestria Daily over the past 5 years has been a complete waste of time as Hasbro chose to completely ignore our scaled backs and EEEEE calls. Instead of embracing the ultimate merchandise selling concept of edgy cartoon horses for teens and pandering to the kirin market like all of the other big entertainment corporations right now, they instead doubled down on boring regular ponies.

    Instead of licking our wounds and retreating, we are doubling down. From now on the focus will be on Kirin and Bats. If she doesn't have bat wings or a long kirin tail and scales, she's not getting the spotlight. Sorry everyone. This is for the best. G5 is here, and so far we have yet to see EITHER. It's an outrage bigger than any outrage before.

    April 1st marks our migration. Until we get bored at least. We will probably get bored. It usually happens. I can't fight a cause to save my life. I've got too many video games to play and pizza restaurants to try. I'm going to have a heart attack from all this pizza and have 0 plan in place for someone to take over once I'm gone. And have you seen all that Velvetposting I've been doing over the last few days from my Second Life expedition? Their new pony models are adorable and it is so distracting. I could play dress-up over there for hours. Invade random furry night clubs with an edgy red-eyed bat pony avatar and all they can do is bask in her adorableness. Or send me weird messages. Sometimes they send weird messages and I'm not sure how to handle that.