• Top 6 "Kirin" of All Time

    A picture of an off screen character saying "Who's a good kirin??" with the Kirin Autumn Blaze sitting wagging her tail thinking to herself "God I hope it's me. Otherwise I'll burn down an orphanage."
    Artist: @RocketLawnchArt

    WeAreBorg here, emerged from my hole in spacetime, to speak about an important April topic, how awesome the Kirin are. In fact, I would like to list for you, the best of the best of Kirin kind. 

    Join me below the break on my breakdown of everything amazing about the Kirin and the amazing Kirins that make Kirins amazing.

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    Look I'm really here to warn you about the dangers of the Kirin propaganda machine. Educate yourself. Let's talk about bats...

    Midnight Blossom

    A bat pony in bat pony guard armor, standing on all fours, wings spread, a defiant look on her face from determined looking, golden slit eyes, all wrapped up in a cocky stance. Her grey purple coat and purple hair and wings are common of bat ponies. Her short mane and tail as well as a notch in her right ear, and another in her left wing, suggests this bat pony guard that has seen action.

    First of all, Kirins aren't even close to being as badass as a bat pony. This is a soldier. A warrior. A creature defined by its air superiority, combat skills, and rugged good looks. Midnight Blossom from Equestria Prevails is a prime specimen of bat power.

    One of the oldest "Kirins" of the fandom. Echo is best known for her visits to our world and her love of mangoes. You won't see a real Kirin sucking cutely on a mango. 

    Luna, Queen of the Bats

    Princess Luna in the combined styles of season 1 light blue hair and a bat pony. He has small white beads wrapped several times around her horn and draped across her wings. She's standing on her hind legs with her front hooves up, in front of her face. Her bat pony features add a fang filled smile, slit eyes, fluffy ears and spread bat wings, whose membranes are the night sky. She is going hisss hisss.

    Ponies may have princesses but bats have a Queen of darkness. The eye pendant of the armor of bat pony guards? That's Luna's slit eye. Whether she is turning dreams into nightmares or being shipped with fanfic author Twilight, Luna is welcome to sink her fangs into me... I mean whatever fruit I have laying around my kitchen...yeah. 


    a bat pony Fluttershy laying on the ground at an angle to the viewer revealing her normal cutie mark of butterflies. A single fang protrudes from her cute smile with black lipstick and her head is cocked to reveal a very fluffy bat ear. Her small bat wings are open and hover over a small, cute Angel bunny in a small cape who is touching her foreleg, a wide-eyed wonder-filled expression on his face. Stars, hearts, diamonds and other symbols fill Fluterbat's eyes, with a light reflection in her irises in the shape of hearts. Symbols also fill her mane and tail and spill off into the background. On her other side is a jack-o-lantern that is breathing fire at the viewer which contrasts to the cute knowing look in the eyes of Fluttershy. In background, set against a partly cloudy night sky is the roof line an old church, full moon, and striking orange flowers. At the bottom of the image in the foreground it appears to be a light blue pool of water in which Fluttershy is resting her tail. Many of the line have shadows of contrasting colors that add a sense of magic to the drawing.

    Just to let you all know, even a pony who has turned into a bat is still better than a Kirin. One of the Mane6 elevating the status of bat pones. No pony WANTED to deal with the Kirins. Drama-filled hotheads, those creatures.

    Spirit Chaser

    Stylized text label this purple-grey bat pony as Spirit Chaser who is faced left but looking at the viewer with her green eyes. She is more purple than most bat ponies. A small bandage sits on the bridge of her nose. Her long light-purple mane in a pony tail and her tail is wrapped from the base in white wraps. She wears the armor of a bat pony guard. A single fang is visible from her open mouth. The bend of her legs and open wings suggest she is flying.

    The only thing a cute quadruped needs on their nose isn't some tire tread markings like those Kirin, but a little bandage. Spirit Chaser here is the more popular of the two mascots of the sadly defunct Nightmare Nights Dallas convention, commissioned by me, of all ponies, of the wonderful @AshNicholsArt. NMND holds a special place in my heart, just like this bat, because it is where I proposed to my wife then, a year later, got married by the fabulous Tabitha St. Germain. Today, I celebrate the 8th anniversary of our first date, so if you're reading this Dr. Cynder, I didn't get you anything.

    Sweet Velvet

    Sweet Velvet sits upright on a pillow eating egg on toast that she is holding up to her mouth with both hands. She looks very typical for this character. Her red eyes, black heart shaped lace design cutie mark, dark grey wings, and purple and pink her both sit in contrast to her cream coat. She is wearing her signature purple socks with little red bowties on her hind legs and big red bowtie in her mane. A simple light purple square servers as a background.

    My contract with EQD really only states 2 things. One is I come up with bad ideas so everyone else's ideas seem better, and two, I acknowledge that Sweet Velvet is best pony and clearly better than a kirin in every possible way. 

    Let me know in the comments how you have learned to be more aware of the Kirin propaganda machine.

    This has been WeAreBorg.