• NYCC Coverage - Day Two

    Hello everypony from New York City!

    Well Brooklyn, which is a part of New York City. I'm sure you're all wondering why my coverage for NYCC has started with a trip to the Barclay Center Target in Brooklyn, as opposed to taking the Q Train Straight to Manhattan.

    Well, there is a very simple reason for that which you will find after the break. Though I am betting some of you will be able to guess simply by looking at today's date.

    No, it wasn't to get the OLED Switch. That isn't a significant enough of a revision to this console to warrant an upgrade. Especially since I keep my Switch docked 99.9% of the time. However I am a pretty decent fan of Metroid, and today is Metroid: Dread's release date.

    So I figured it would be a good idea to pick up the game today and try my luck my picking up the Amiibo while on my way to NYCC. I was successful with the first task, but I had forgotten one very key detail when I made my plan to pick up the amiibo this morning.

    I was going up against the city of New York. And it's 8.5 Million inhabitants.

    They were sold out in the entire city long before I ever set foot on the New York Subway. 

    Thankfully I had a backup plan which worked, and they are waiting for me to pick up at a Best Buy back home. That will be a fun Tuesday.

    So with the game acquired, I proceeded to the Javits Center.

    On my way in I stopped by the Off--Site Vaccination Verification Center for NYCC. The crowd was significantly larger today than it was on Wednesday.

    I knew it was going to take a little bit of time for anyone who hadn't pre-verified to get into the Javits today.

    For a number of reasons.

    Like the line just to get to security.

    Or the line to get through security.

    And then the queue hall line where you sat and waited for the convention to open for the day.

    Yes, even during a Pandemic, a convention of NYCC's size is still Line Con. It is up to you to decide which lines are worth waiting in to determine if NYCC will be a good con for you or not.

    This is true of SDCC, C2E2, BronyCon (RIP), and other conventions of similar size.

    Thankfully with the social distancing going on in the venue with the expanded aisles for the exhibit hall and artist alley, and the capped crowd size, you also do not need to factor in the travel time needed to get to your line this year.

    Which is a welcome change.

    There is however one change that has left me scratching my head.

    This is the sign telling convention attendees to head outside and through the glass doors to get to the panel rooms in the brand new Javits Expansion. That is fine and dandy.

    However let me bring your attention to the metal gate that is right below this sign. That gate is literally all that is separating the main Javits Center from the new expansion. 

    One gate. 

    The pathway outside of the Javits Center gets really narrow in places, since you have to travel around a security check point to get to the panel rooms. Which you then re-enter the Javits Center to get to the panel rooms after stepping outside the venue.

    My ultimate question is this: why is this gate not open to allow free foot traffic between the original Javits Center and the Javits Expansion so that no one has to step outside? 

    I'm sure there is a reason. For the life of my I just cannot figure it out today.

    Not too much in the way to report on Ponies today, unfortunately. I was unable to find the Gen 5 mystery toys that Chocopony had mentioned yesterday. Which as it turns out they had tweeted to their followers and are blind bags for bag charms.

    Blind Bags for bag charms is something I find really amusing and would love to do a post on for an unboxing.

    And I wasn't able to meet Sam Maggs today, for this morning she was feeling unwell and had to cancel her autograph sessions for the day. 

    Rule #1 of convention going, take care of yourself for their will be other conventions. Equestria Daily sends it best wishes and hope Sam feels better soon.

    Tomorrow I shall be spending a good portion of day in the Autograph/Photo-Ops Hall. Why? 

    Well, let's just say there's coffee in that nebula. This has been The Illustrious Q. See you tomorrow!