• Another Pipp Concept Piece Released

    I guess it's Pipp Petals morning? We only have one drawing this time, but it's from a completely different concept artist than the others we've posted so far so welcome yet another person to the ever-growing team of people that threw their unique art skills into the mix! This one comes from Celia Kaspar over on Instagram with the caption:

    Finally I can share some of my work for the new My Little Pony movie! ✨Being part of that movie and wonderful team was an awesome experience and I learned so much from my supertalented crew in those years πŸ’› Sooooo let’s start with one of my favs to work on: Pipp Petals!

    I'm actually wondering when they decided to shorten and make Pipp a little chubbier than the other ponies, since a lot of this concept art has her in skinnier and taller. It's cool to see them evolve from their original renditions!

    Thanks to OrangeFlower for the heads up.