• More Concept Art of the Mane 6 Opening for My Little Pony: A New Generation Released! Plus Behind the Scenes Blurb on It

    We've got another pile of concept art starring the mane 6 this time around, covering the "Sunny's imagination" scene that the movie started with. This includes a little blurb about how it all worked.

    Check it out below!

    Here you can find the colourscript of the sequence and some bg’s and concepts. At first we had an extended beginning with Twilight flying in the sky and a cool waterfall shot but it was cut/changed later. We went very OTT in general as it is playing in Sunny’s imagination (well, until Sprout gets into it). We pushed the lighting and saturation and if you look at the colorscript a few posts ago it connects with the very ending as if her dreams have came true at the end of the movie. This is the first time we also see Sprout’s evil green color.

    We went for stylized look (pretty much what I would do with a 2D G4 show if i was starting from scratch!). The initial character design was done by the fantastic Lea Dabssi @imalouart and we wanted them to have no outlines and the shaping to come from the light/shadow. Some of the character poses here are from frames from the animation I then painted later for color/lighting. The 2D team in Boulder did an amazing job on this sequence

    Thanks to Sweet Notes for the heads up
    From Pablo on Instagram!