• Pony Collection Event 2021 - The Submissions!

    The collections have been collected and these are the results! We had an armada of people this time around showing off their vast compilations of pony merchandise that they have accrued over the last decade. Some day we will write an AI that can go through and scan each of these for a price tag. I can only imagine what some of the bigger ones cost.

    Anyway, pony collection time! Go check out what people are showing off below.

    1 - Bunny Mountain

    Art image 1
    these are the bulk of my collection through thrifting and some lucky finds at the stores i collect on a very tight budget but i try my best! :D

    2 - Archooves

    Art image 2

    3 Swift Blaze 300+ plush collection - Swift Blaze

    Art image 3
    Main pic is the plush pile I took last year. The others are how I store them. close up of the bigger ones, or me at the last BronyCon.

    4 my mlp collection - cookiedough6

    Art image 4

    5 It's Full of Ponies! - Frith

    Art image 5
    Instead of collage where there's so much stuff that all you see is a sea of pastel coloured dots, this year let's try creative! Post season 9 I've mostly been buying pony fan fic books.

    6 Pony Collection Event 2021 - Shooting Tornado

    Art image 6
    A collage of my MLP collection so far. I started collecting in 2017. When I write this, I have 287 figures and plushies (246 figures and 41 plushies) from all generations of MLP. I didn't include all of my MLP merchandise in this collage, beacause that would be way too many photos.

    7 Fallout Equestria Themed Display Case - Delta Sierra

    Art image 7
    Full resolution image at https://cacocaho.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/FoE-case.jpg

    8 Plush couch and G4 shelves - lordalexander74

    Art image 8
    Not much changed in 2020. Completed the Rainbow Dash Hikari set and added a few smaller toys

    9 Books - lordalexander74

    Art image 9
    Added a few more books since last year. Got a handful of FoE fics on another shelf.

    10 The Fluttershy Army - Trot L'Oeil

    Art image 10
    This is a Fluttershy army that is at least 5-7 years in the building. I also have, what I call, the Flutterbat Special Forces as part of this collection. I'm always looking for more and adding more.

    11 - Yaroslaw

    Art image 11

    12 - Yaroslaw

    Art image 12

    13 9 years and counting :) - Betting Snow

    Art image 13
    This is where I put everything I collect. The majority of it however contains ponies :). (other random things) little meteorite I found in my garden, Soldier from TF2 with his Szechuan sauce, Mario with his sprite cranberry+cereal, and my Tiny Desk Engineer with his friends :).

    14 Pones2021_1 - Alex

    Art image 14
    Got a better phone camera now.

    15 Pones2021_2 - Alex

    Art image 15
    Got a better phone camera now.

    16 Fluttershrine - Flutterblushie

    Art image 16

    19 My Pony collection - Michael Leon

    Art image 19
    This my mlp collection as of 2021

    20 2021 Collection - Inlustris Nox

    Art image 20
    Little bit of Everything

    21 Snowblind's Pony Collection - Snowblind

    Art image 21
    Full gallery available here: https://imgur.com/gallery/uF95i

    22 My collection 2020 - Alex

    Art image 22
    This is my humble collection of ponies collected since 2013. There are no 2021 figures here, but I hope to be able to show them next year.

    24 Celestia Shrine - IronYoshi

    Art image 24
    My entry for the 2021 Pony Collection Event

    25 My MLP Toy Collection throughout the years - Michaela Padora

    Art image 25
    I'm also an MLP Cosplayer that has been featured before here in equestria daily! I cosplayed as Applejack, Sunset shimmer and recently Tempest Shadow You may also check my derpibooru, deviantart and reddit for MLP cosplays - @BaeconPotater

    26 My humble MLP collection (2021) - theOwtcast

    Art image 26
    Thorax, Pharynx, and Ocellus were made by EpicRainbowCrafts

    28 My Pony Collection - Sea Gnash

    Art image 28

    29 Apollo Dash Pony Room 2021 Tour! - Apollo Dash

    Art image 29
    International airline 767 Captain, family man, above all else life long supporter of FiM/EG! We're on Instagram @ApolloDashAndFriends!

    30 My pony collection - March 2021 - Flashapples

    Art image 30
    My first time submitting anything into EqD! Even though my collection is quite small when compared to some other people, but I am very proud of it! Includes water bottles, figurines, collector cards, and more! Collector cards ponies: Lemon Hearts, Apple Cobbler, Sweetie Blue, and Pinkie Pie

    31 Killsteal Wolf's Plush Army - Killsteal Wolf

    Art image 31
    Here's a collection photo of my MLP Ponies I have collected over the various years, or at least as many I could fit into one shot!

    32 Killsteal Wolf's Plush Army (In Collage Form) - Killsteal Wolf

    Art image 32
    Here's another shot (Most) of my MLP Ponies I have collected over the various years in collage form!

    33 Collection 2021 - Daisy Petals

    Art image 33
    There was no way I was going to get any more photographed so I had to make do. Here is most of my mint in box brushables, mini Funkos, etc. in a good sized pony pile.

    34 MLP Collection March 2021 - Ambert Jude Ramos

    Art image 34
    My current collection expanded with merch that wasn't present from my 2018 picture (even then I still missed a few lol). If I ever collect any Gen 5 or even Gen 4 merch in the future I'm going to need a new room. XD

    35 Books - Themisto97

    Art image 35
    If you are also interested in printed fanfictions. I would highly recommend the fimfiction group "Printed Fiction Hardcopies". There you can get news about current print runs and find links to over 100 unique mlp print-on-demand books. I am one of the admins of the group ^^

    38 Pony Collection Event 2021 Submission - Onyx Deadshot

    Art image 38
    My collection of pony stuff I have built up over the course of my 2 1/2 years in the fandom.

    39 Pony Collection Event 2021 Submission - Onyx Deadshot

    Art image 39
    My collection of pony stuff I have built up over the course of my 2 1/2 years in the fandom.

    40 Plush Army - StAnon

    Art image 40

    41 Twilight Krauser Pony Collection A - Twilight Krauser

    Art image 41
    My Mane collection. Figures and DVDs.

    42 Twilight Krauser Pony Collection B - Twilight Krauser

    Art image 42
    The rest of my collection. Plushies and blankie, books, my workspace, and the youth-size guitar I decorated and gave to my sister for her birthday (I am trying to teach her to play it). I arrange MLP songs for classical-fingerstyle guitar and post the tablature of my arrangements freely on my youtube channel. I hope to one day own a Sunset Shimmer plush and dakimakura. Thanks for checking out my collection!

    43 BOAStudio My Little Pony Collection 2021 - BOAStudio

    Art image 43
    The modest collection of a Mexican fan.

    44 - MidnightMarco

    Art image 44

    45 My Collection for Pony Collection 2021 Event - Hex5

    Art image 45
    I haven't noticed all that many Danish Bronies. But a few do exist and heres my contribution. At least i'm the only one i know of that has decorated The Little Mermaid statue in Copenhagen with a plushie of RD & Trixie

    46 My Book for Pony Collection 2021 Event - Hex5

    Art image 46
    And just the book and conbooks collection

    47 Pony Collection 2021 - DarkDabula

    Art image 47
    Hi gals and guys, here is my entry for the collection event on Equestria Daily. It shows the visible part of my actual collection. There is a lot more like the comics and pen&paper stuff but its to much to bring it all in ^^ See yea Regards

    48 My not so little Pony Collection - update - Ragmo

    Art image 48
    I noticed to late that this event is comming up, so i just did a quick collage of my current stuff, with some pictures from last time. Includes cups, lots of plushies, figurines, pins, T-Shirts, Comics, official Pen&Paper, Dakis and much more. Would clean up the picture a bit more or even arrange stuff in my appartment, so it would fit in 1-2 pictures; but i noticed the event to late.

    49 The Pony Room - Stephanie Nasello

    Art image 49
    This is my first time submitting. I have been collecting My Little Pony since I was 15 (Always loved them growing up) after I looked them up on Google and saw how many there were made! I instantly wanted to find more to add to my humble childhood collection. Throughout the years, my collection continued to grow and it still grows each day. The best part is other collectors and making some lifelong friends along the way. This photo shows you the left side of my pony room. (Things are grouped and organized by generation) Most of my G4 collection which leads into the G3s (with a nice mix of all generations on the bed)

    50 The Pony Room - Stephanie Nasello

    Art image 50
    This is my first time submitting. I have been collecting My Little Pony since I was 15 (Always loved them growing up) after I looked them up on Google and saw how many there were made! I instantly wanted to find more to add to my humble childhood collection. Throughout the years, my collection continued to grow and it still grows each day. The best part is other collectors and making some lifelong friends along the way. I was sadly unable to get the other panoramic photo to load. This is a shot of part of the G1 shelves.

    51 Small amount of Pone - NametronLJZ

    Art image 51
    I haven't collected a lot of pony merch over the years, but I'm glad I've collected any at all.

    52 Engi's Pony Plushie Collection - Engi

    Art image 52

    53 Pony Collection Event 2021: Lionshy - Lionshy

    Art image 53
    Here's my massive pony collection!!! Always excited to do these each year. The left image is all of my pony towels, and the right image is a stack of all of my pony blankets and bedding!!! If you want to see my full collection (which contains tons of other items like books, stationary, etc.) check out the link in the title. Enjoy :)

    54 Pony Shelf - Brian Muicey

    Art image 54

    55 Pony Collection Event 2021 Submission - Brian Walmer

    Art image 55
    Here are my submissions of my collection, as best as I can share them with ya.

    57 MLP Collection - Part 1 of 2 - Jeremy Smith

    Art image 57
    Here's an overview of my MLP collection. Over the past four years, I've managed to collect the complete series on DVD, plus all the movies and specials (including a few UK-exclusive DVDs, two Malaysian bootlegs, and a copy of "The Friendship Express" DVD which has the uncensored version of "The Last Roundup"), as well as a few assorted books, plushies, and convention memorabilia. Not too shabby if I do say so myself!

    58 MLP Collection - Part 2 of 2 - Jeremy Smith

    Art image 58
    Here's a closer view of my autographed items.

    59 Scratch Paper and Jay Bear’s 2021 Pony Collection - Scratch Paper

    Art image 59
    This isn’t even all of it...can you tell we’ve been collecting for years?

    60 The Great Pone-nanza Stash of 2016-2021 - SunsetDash_31

    Art image 60
    My submission for this year's Pony Collection Event of EqD. Got only a few but rare merch there like the Princess Celestia Hot Topic Exclusive Funko Pop and a few keychains and pins in the last year due to the pandemic; The RD and Derpy Funko Vinyl Collectible is still in transit so it will not be able to make it in time. Some merch from the past 2 years didn't got in since there's so many to choose from for this year's submission. All that are included here are my most loved treasures (I still love 'em all tho). Cheers guys!

    61 - Matthew

    Art image 61

    62 Collection 2021 -

    Art image 62
    Started collecting in late 2019 and missed 2020's event, but here's my whole collection so far.

    63 MLP Collection - Cody H

    Art image 63
    Most of my collection, most proud of my ultra rare Fiendship is Magic sugarskull comic, my Shuxer Luna statuette and my BaB Luna signed by the Princess herself!

    64 Ponies - Enigmadoodles

    Art image 64
    I actually have a lot more, but this is what's convenient. Random non MLP pony behind the plushes is there to help hold them up. Celestia is unfortunately putty stained, and yes, she is wearing a shark outfit. Sombra and Starlight are best ponies. More info can be found in DA link. This was fun.

    65 Spring 2021 Collection (Mostly Fluttershy-Themed) - NatureShy

    Art image 65
    Most of my collection in view, though some custom figures not in view or still in shipment (like a G1 custom clay Gusty by Vita_96), and two more lifesizes (a 53" long Fluttershy and 45" long G1 Gusty). I also have other stuff not at all in view, like Fluttershy themed shirts, hoodie, water bottle, etc.; and G4 trading cards (quite a few of them foil and special cards). I also forgot to turn on the magenta LED lights above Flutterbat's lair on the shelf. - Favorite "small" (non life-size) plush: Flutterbat plush by MyLittleWaifu on the shelf. - Favorite life-size plush: Fluttershy (45" long) by Qtpony. (Both her and big Twilight (56" long) were by Qtpony, and 40" Fluttershy on the left side was by Agatrix. Favorite custom figure: Fluttershy with birds, by Vita_96.

    66 How About a Plushie Pyramid? - NatureShy

    Art image 66
    Three of these are life-sizes (40" Fluttershy by Agatrix, 45" Fluttershy by QTpony, and 56" Twilight by QTpony). One of my absolute favorite plushies is the Flutterbat (second to top, under tiny Flutterbat) by MyLittleWaifu. The other one is the Floofyshy (lifesize) by QTpony. Includes both custom and factory plushies in my collection (of those I have on display): • 24 plushies total • 14 Fluttershy plushies (11 are customs, and of those, 2 are lifesize, 5 are Flutterbats, and 2 are Seaponies). • 4 Twilight plushies (1 is custom and lifesize). • One of the rest: Daring Do, Rainbow Dash, AJ, Spitfire, Pinkie Pie, and Mocha Sunrise (an EFNW mascot). • Two more lifesizes soon to join the pile (a 53" Flutters and 45" Gusty), but they're not done yet.

    67 Horses - Tariv

    Art image 67
    Most of my pony merch.

    68 Pony Room - 2021 - James Myers

    Art image 68
    My room where I showcase my MLP paraphernalia.

    69 My collection - mylittleponycollector

    Art image 69
    Here is my 2021 collection update I've been collecting since I was 3 years old now I have over 200 ponies lots of plush playsets and merchandise My Little Pony has changed my life forever

    70 - Flutterlie

    Art image 70

    71 Strumbeat's Little Stash 2021 - Strumbeat Strings

    Art image 71

    72 - Flutterlie

    Art image 72