• Dark Fanfic Music Album: Nyancat380 - Buck Off!

    (cover art by Nyancat380, edited by me for this post)

    Nyancat380 just released his album featuring tracks of various dark and unusual themes, all creative! It's telling the tale of a certain fanfic from the musician as it appears from the description, and it seems just about right coming from Nyancat380! What's for sure is that I'm loving Fluttergoth and the cover art! These tracks have been released on the musician's YouTube channel previously and those who have been following the pony music scene were already hyped about the release of this album, and now you can finally download all these awesome and creative songs in top audio quality! Keep it up Nyancat380! There's also a promo video that was made for the album but apparently it can't be watched until you verify your age on YouTube by providing credit card info or your ID. If you found a way to bypass that let me know! (Edit: Looks like the problem is only happening for EU countries - thanks to DarkSummoner2 on YouTube for letting me know! For those having that issue, Nyancat380 kindly provided a download link for the video here, or you could use a proxy/mirror site.)

    Download the album from Bandcamp here! (strong language warning)