• 20 of the Best Fanfics to Read for Spike Day!

    Theme day means fanfics, and we've got a bunch this time! If you are looking for one that you expected to be here but isn't, it's probably back in last year's or 2018's post. This is only new stuff.

    Now go read below! Thanks to Whisper Key for scouting them.


    Slice Of Life




    Endless Forms Most Beautiful by Undome Tinwe


    In the distant future, Princess Twilight Sparkle and Spike enjoy Hearth's Warming with an old friend.


    Spike's Heartfelt Gift by RS-Belle14


    Hearth's Warming Eve has arrived, once again, and Spike has a very special gift for Flurry Heart that she is sure to love. However, some grumpy pony shows up from out of nowhere and declares his intention to ruin Hearth's Warming! Left alone, it's up to Spike and the Cutie Mark Crusaders to stop this pony and save Flurry Heart's Hearth's Warming. Can they do it?


    Be Yourself by Casketbase77


    The requests come in, the paintings go out, and the Bits arrive later. That's the shaky system "Rainbow" has managed to work out for herself. A life lived through letters is a little lonely, but she can at least be certain she'll never be seen by someone who recognizes her copypasted face.

    You'd think a Rainbow Dash replica would remember that Twilight uses Spike for everything mail related.


    Twilight Sparkle's Perfect Morning by VashTheStampede


    Twilight wakes up one morning to find everything going just right, and even gets something she never knew she wanted.


    Longing by TheMyth


    After returning from the Dragon Migration, Spike begins to feel even lonelier with an empty space inside him (even though he proclaimed the ponies as his family)... All he wants is one thing really and the only pony who can give him that is a certain lavender unicorn.









    Stranger Than Dictation by Masem


    Twilight Sparkle is in a foul mood and wants nothing more to be alone after a magic mishap with Rainbow Dash.

    Pinkie Pie wants to help cheer up Twilight, and decides to write a story for her, with the help of Spike.

    Little did Twilight know this was a bad idea from the start.


    Love is in the Air, Literally by Nexas


    Love hurts.

    After his latest attempt at gaining Rarity's affection failed, Spike decides to try making a love potion to win her affection. But what happens when Rarity falls for somepony else? In fact, what happens when everypony in Ponyville falls for somepony? How will Spike and others be able to survive when those close to them want to be 'closer'?


    Tongue Tried  by ambion


    Spike was the strangest of dragons, living his charmed life so far removed from his heritage. Knowing so much. How to be a good friend. How to be a hero.

    How to have fun.

    But actually being a dragon? Not so much. Barely at all, really.

    Ember didn't know what to make of her friendship with the little drake, but she did know two things. Spike needed a teacher, a proper dragon teacher, to show him the way.

    And second, that this was going to be fun.









    Good Changes, Mostly by Jay Bear v2


    It’s been years since Gabby, an old-timer at the Griffon Kingdom Postal Service, was spry enough to fly a route to Equestria. That means it’s been years since she’s talked with her good friend Spike. A new invention may let her reconnect with Spike, but she learns that won’t be the only change it brings.


    Those Weaker Ripples by Seer


    Twilight is taking tea, just like she used to with the princess. She's the princess' faithful student actually. Did you know that?


    Soft Stitches by Rocket Lawn Chair


    Maybe dragons should be tough.

    Maybe they shouldn't care for anybody else.

    Maybe they were never meant to hold a needle...


    Nap by Kodeake


    Spike finally lays down for a well-earned nap. His friends say 'good night'.


    To Name a Rainfall  by _Moonshot


    Starlight visits Spike after her death.









    Dos Marejeres, Un Palomino by King of Beggars


    When Scootaloo is summoned to her family's lands in Marexico, she and the other Crusaders will be needing some adult supervision... also Spike tags along. When a foolish mistake places all of their lives in danger, can Spike keep it together long enough to keep everypony from killing each other?


    A Hearth's Warming Romance by Path_of_cloud


    When her plans for the holiday hit a disappointing bump, Spike invites Rarity to spend Hearth's Warming Eve and Hearth's Warming with him and Twilight. A warm, if somewhat dysfunctional and amusing pair await her. And in the end, maybe she'll get what she needs this year.


    Take a Look at My... Marefriend?! by Amethyst_Dawn


    Spike and Pinkie are called by the map to the lovely city of Phillydelphia, but the setting is a lot more romantic than Spike is comfortable with.









    Scaled Heights by Zephyr Spark


    Rainbow Dash discovers Spike has the makings of a great archer to represent Ponyville in the next Equestria Games and decides to train him, but dragon-hating officials, and a dragon-fearing town are bent to bar him, and possibly Ponyville, from the Games.


    Diplomacy by 8686


    The surprise arrival of a group of fearsome dragons over Canterlot precipitates a panic in Equestria's capital. With tensions running high, a response needed and almost no information to work with, the Princesses reach out to the only pony they can call on for help.

    Thrust into a precarious maze of political imperatives and Pyrrhic choices, where the wrong word said at the wrong moment could begin a war, Spike must use all of his wits to bring the two sides together peacefully. He knows it's possible... but he seems to be the only one who does.









    Wings by Not_A_Hat


    A wanderer drifts out of the desert, looking for freedom.


    The Lizard of Ot by Baal Bunny


    Spike and Dr. Caballeron head into the Badlands searching for a legend.


    Role Reversal by JaketheGinger


    After repeatedly being excluded and left behind from the Mane 6's adventures, only to do his chores at the library, Spike begins to feel bitter about his role as Twilight's assistant.

    But upon seeing a shooting star one fateful night, he makes a wish that turns his life upside down.

    The results of this wish will force Spike to discover the true meaning of purposes in life, friendship and most importantly, being wary of what you wish for.