• Traveling To Equestria Music: Many DustCar Gems That You Have To Listen To!

    You must have heard by now, but DustCar compos are encouraging musicians to make what they feel like making and it often results in heartfelt and lovely pony fan works! I just have to share some of my favorites from the 10th "race" from December 2020 that were greenlit to be shared publicly, because that race's topic was "Humans and Equestria" and many musicians contributed with wonderful songs about traveling to Equestria and making emotional use of pony vocal samples too!! Links below, and find my comments about the songs and the backstory behind this share here!

    Check out What is this Place and Memory Lane from Avery, Equestrian Paradise from Candy Yunagi, Plight of the Conservative Brony from Toasterless, Make Some Friends from Chuckles, Changed from Fetlocked, Trixien't from char, and the rest of the tracks from the top of the "#dustcar-race-10" channel in DustCar's Discord server! (the pinned message will get you to around the last submission)