• Pony Life Reaction Music: Juxtapone - Good as Tartarus [Acid Techno]

    New pony musician alert! Part of DustCar 01: Pony Life whose sync listen party just ended earlier, Juxtapone's contribution to the compo has some tasty Acid vibes and even guitars, and it samples Good as Hell that Pony Life promo song, all while playing on it with that awesome title Good as Tartarus! That was such an awesome way to fit to the theme and contribute to the compo, that had so many amazing contributions all around. Some tracks were singing reactions to Pony Life and it was so epic! The sync listen party was so wonderful and emotional! If you missed it, you can still join DustCar's Discord server and lookup the tracks from the compo available at the start of the #dustcar-race-1 chatroom! Be on the lookout for some of those potentially getting a public release in the future! And while the next DustCar race will have a non-pony topic, the one after that will be pony again, so feel free to join in the fun and maybe even contribute yourself! (Edit after getting the info: Because there was only one topic in July, the next race and the first of August is pony again this one time, and it's the one after that and the second of the month that will be non-pony, and it will keep alternating like this.)