• Here Be Dragons! - Dragon Day Begins

    One of the wonderful things about FiM has had to be the introduction of so many different species into the show. While our ponies are wonderful and there were certainly a number of species introduced in the form of monsters or baddies earlier on in the show, the world of FiM really started to feel 'lived in' once we began exploring beyond just ponies. Dragons were just one of the many species to get expanded on in the show, even giving us three awesome dragon characters in the form of Smolder, Ember, and, of course, Spike.

    So today, in celebration of all our dragon friends, you can expect a number of posts dedicated to our scaly compadres! Be sure to check in throughout the day to catch these special posts put in between our normal news.

    Been meaning to send something in for Dragon Day? You still have some time! Submissions will be accepted till 12pm PST so make sure to send in your entry to submit@equestriadaily.com with Dragon Day in the subject line followed by what you are sending in.

    Example: Dragon Day - Comics

    As usual, we hope you all enjoy!

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