• More Pony Music! Hardcore, Orchestral, Chillout & More! And Lots of Mixes!

    The new roundup of the rest of the pony music that came out in the meantime is here! Get it while it's fresh! Various genres are represented again and there is stuff for every taste! There's also a new risqué ponification from When Hooves Meet Face, and the due YouTube release of that Rarity track from Ignite... And a bunch of mixes that you can find linked at the end of the post as usual! Check it all out after the break!

    Instrumental - Hardcore
    DJ BOWSER shows us what Pinkie's try at Hardcore would sound like, and it's such a lovely idea, and so appreciated! It's part of COREQUESTRIA Vol. 1: Ponyville! Also check out other recent YouTube releases from the compilation album, namely Some Weed From Tree Hugger, Calvinball 2 (Ponyville Mix), and siren head on keta!

    2. CAPT - 22526
    Instrumental - Hardcore
    Experimental music lives on! It's CAPT's turn to add to Equestrian Terror Corps' library!

    3. Ethan Toavs - Somewhere Super New (Rock 'N' Roll Orchestra Arrangement)
    Instrumental - Orchestral
    Ethan tackles G3.5 now, with arrangements of its music! I wonder if one day he'll arrive at G4 arrangements! Also check out the other recent release and G3.5 arrange, That's What Makes a Friend (Rock 'N' Roll Orchestra Arrangement)!

    4. When Hooves Meet Face - Pony in the Jar (feat. Osoch) (Alice in Chains Parody)
    Vocal - Metal
    Just when you thought that When Hooves Meet Face couldn't go more extreme than his latest release, he proves you wrong with this new ponification featuring Osoch, made about certain brony accomplishments... You can tell the musicians had so much fun with this! Super mature content warning, especially in the visuals! (Nothing explicit is actually shown, but it's implied.) I feel part of my innocence leaving me just by posting this, so that goes to tell! lol!

    5. TheBluishPony - Soaring Through the Skies
    Vocal - Drum & Bass
    TheBluishPony even contributed with his cool vocals in this aerial song about flying as a pegasus!

    6. BlackIceMusic - Fluffy Marshmallows (feat. Chasing Dawn & Lennon Black)
    Vocal - Future Bounce
    The new spiritual successor to Dirty Gem and _RARITY from [email protected] Ignite finally gets a due YouTube release, along "a thumbnail that matches the song" to echo Bolt's comment! Give it up to BlackIceMusic, Chasing Dawn and Lennon Black for such a fun and appreciated treat!

    7. Jyc Row - Sunset Shimmer
    Instrumental - Orchestral
    Made in only 2 hours, this piece themed around Sunset is showcasing Jyc's skill once again!

    8. Daniel Ingram - Make A Wish (Yanamosuda Arrange)
    Instrumental - Jazz/Lounge
    Short but very sweet, Yanamosuda's newest arrange is giving a new very appreciated spin on Pinkie's birthday party song!

    9. Noc - Scars of the Past (Theme of Scarlet Frost)
    Instrumental - Soundtrack
    As a commission, Joé McKen aka Noc composed a profound and emotional theme for Skijarama's fanfic Scarlet!

    10. SmD House - Irreversibility
    Instrumental - Chillout
    New original track by SmD House, and you can recognize their signature style so well!

    11. r_chase - Stay Fresh, Unicorn
    Instrumental - Hardtek
    Pony raves are the best!

    12. Bajanic - The End (2020)
    Instrumental - Rock
    Bajanic is back, with a remake of the closing track from their album My Little War from 2014! Also check out Hadron Sonata (2020) from the same upcoming "Equinelibrium with new, improved sound"! And check out their library of pony songs on their channel if you didn't know about them before! I remember saving tracks such as the awesome OST-like Hurricane and Pink Cloud back when I discovered their channel!

    13. Altius Volantis - Cuddle By The Moonlight
    Instrumental - Chillout
    A Night track that perfectly embodies the concept from its title, made for Kadus!

    14. YeahButThenDragons - A Sound I'll Never Know (Covering 4EverfreeBrony)
    Vocal - Acapella
    Gorgeous vocals are awaiting you in this new cover from YeahButThenDragons, following that acapella/acoustic cover of Find the Music in You that you might remember!

    15. Toby Macarony - Cloudsdale Sunset
    Instrumental - Alternative Electronic
    A very creative piece from Toby part of the album Shenanigans Two, lovingly themed around Cloudsdale and including awesome pony vocal chops!

    16. Vinx - Let It Rain (Vocal Cover)
    Vocal - Pop
    All the thoughts and meanings that Vinx has put in this heartfelt vocal cover of Let It Rain, displayed as text on screen in the video, are worth checking out! I just love it when fans make tributes like that!

    17. TheTaZe - Escapism
    Instrumental - Lo-fi
    A comfy and soothing new Lo-fi experience from TheTaZe, fitting its title!

    18. PeKaNo - Sunset from the Sky
    Instrumental - Chillout/Trance
    PeKaNo gave a try at Nicolas Dominique' signature musical style, even using the same kind of pictures for the video, and he succeeded so well! I love it when pony musicians inspire each other!

    19. Megalovania x MLP Theme Song & Winter Wrap Up
    Instrumental - Soundtrack
    I haven't played Undertale but this is an interesting mashup cover!

    20. Silver Swirls - A True True Friend (Vocal Cover) (feat. MlpFlutter Sung)
    Vocal - Pop
    Quite amazing and impressive fan VA work in this vocal cover of the song!!

    HittCell - Ponies At Dawn Mix 5 (Skyward, Eternal, Echoes)
    BassPon3 - Live @ TrotCon Online
    Bolt the Super-Pony - Live @ TrotCon Online
    Rod Steven - TrotCon Online Performance
    Nevermourn - TrotCon Online Set
    Suskii - TrotCon Online Full Set
    AWal - TrotCon Online Performance
    Tremil - Live @ HarmonyCon
    TPressleyJ - Whinny City Online 2020 Bass Ball Set

    There's another treasure chest in the dungeon! Open it up to grab some extra music for Dedicated Pony Music Fans!