• Pony Voice Event #2! - Force Ponies to Say Things

    Now that the mane 6 have all been added to the 15.ai voice program, lets re-visit this event shall we?

    If you missed the results of the first one, they can be found here. Since that event happened, some of the earlier versions have improved greatly. Hopefully that means we get some really good ones this time. 

    Pop it up on Youtube, Vocaroo, or Twitter, and send the link to Submit@equestriadaily.com with PONY VOICE as the subject. You can find the app for it on 15.ai's site.  Preferably Youtube if you want an image included, as we will take whatever image you use on Youtube. Otherwise it will just be a link.

    Now go! Make the mane 6, or Derpy, say things.