• Ghost Busters and Power Rangers Getting Crossover Pony Toys

    New listings that have been removed from Amazon's UK branch seem to have hinted at an upcoming toy line built around the idea of ponies crossing over with other properties, similiar to what we are seeing with Transformers in the near future. The listing had a pretty specific description, hinting at a future character named "Plasmane"

    They also mention "My Little Prime" for Transformers, and "Power Rangers Morphin Pink Pony", meaning we will most likely be seeing a bunch of crossovers out of this.

    On a side note, these are using the retro pony molds, so oldschool.

    Check the description out below.

    My Little Pony x Ghostbusters Crossover Collection Plasmane -- Ghostbusters-Inspired Collectible Pony Figure

    MY LITTLE PONY X GHOSTBUSTERS CROSSOVER Fandoms collide when My Little Pony meets Ghostbusters for a crossover toy CUTIE MARKS AND ECTO-PLASM Crossover Collection Plasmane is an exciting character mashup 4 5-inch figure has a retro My Little Pony form factor with Ghostbusters-inspired design CLASSIC GHOSTBUSTERS MOVIE-INSPIRED PONY Design and Cutie Mark are inspired by the iconic Ghostbusters story Collect a favorite Ghostbusters look in a fresh and different form factor COLLECT AND DISPLAY Figure is a great way for fans of the My Little Pony or Ghostbusters brand to complete their collections Display your figure in the special packaging Ages 4 and up BUILD YOUR COLLECTION Start a collection with Transformers My Little Prime and Power Rangers Morphin Pink Pony My Little Pony figures (Each sold separately Subject to availability ), Manufacturer: Hasbro

    Thanks to Jeffrey, Gorbu, and everyone else for sending it.