• Equestria Girls: Game Stream Follow Up

    I can’t tell you how hard it was to choose something for Fluttershy Day. So many good moments, so many memorable moments. It was like trying to pick which kitten in cuter. But I’ve found with Fluttershy’s character, she sometimes works better when playing off of other characters. It makes for some really funny moments and seeing how straight forward her personality is even while being timid. Hence, this short. And other than Sunset Shimmer being in this short, I think this is one of my favorite Fluttershy moments just because we get a look at something other than her playing with animals. I like to think it makes her character less one dimensional. If I was to give this episode a moral, it would be to never judge a book (or video game) by its cover. That, or never have animal based video games when playing with Fluttershy.

    So we open from our title screen with…another title screen. And somehow The Matrix possibly exists here? We also see that Sunset has also learned some pretty good video and graphics editing while being human. I can only imagine how bad it might’ve been when first getting into the human world.

    Sunset is a college student. No questions asked. Between the Chinese takeout box, the generic band posters, the leftover dishes in the back, and the futon couch, I can’t say otherwise. But now we also see that when inviting Fluttershy to her gaming channel Shimmer Code, she could’ve either been nice or wanted to show off a bit. But I won’t say Fluttershy looks adorable in the headset. I’m sure she’d make a great Animal Crossing player.

    Of all the games to have her choose from, Sunset had to add this in here. And maybe Sunset has more games in the back somewhere, but I hope that’s not her whole collection. I’ll rightfully assume she has more digital games downloaded than disks. And this has got to be the happiest squirrel I’ve ever seen. Good choice in game to introduce someone new to playing video games Shimmy.

    Sunset: I’m about to end this girl’s whole career.
    Ok not exactly what Sunset said here, but with this look to the camera and the sheer smug you can sense, it could’ve worked. Careful Sunset, not everything is always as it seems.

    Well…we’re already off to a great start. And I do see some other disks around so Sunset does have other games. And I had to try to figure out what console they were playing on based on the controller. With the lack of buttons and shape, I would’ve thought it was the Sega Saturn, but since this was a disk game it might just be Xbox. Not my choice in consoles, but it’s where I also started when I got more into gaming and could buy my own console. And we’ve already seen that Game Cube is a thing from Rainbow Rocks so we can use other gaming platforms.

    Sweet Celestia these face icons are killing me with their cuteness. I need pins of these by last year. So this game looks pretty simple enough. You play a squirrel (strangely colored at that) that has to take the nuts and climb the tree to bring it home. Sounds like one of those Flash games from the 90’s and early 2000’s that occupied my mind more than even watching cartoons based off the games I was playing.

    Maybe the game isn’t so simple to control Sunset. I do love the attention to details on their face icons just showing how frustrated she’s getting with not climbing the tree. But hey at least you found the “jump” button Sunset. That couldn’t have been easy. Along with the “fall” button and the “throw the nut up in the air and have it hit you in the head” button. Very innovative game play.

    How do you make it so that the entire right side of the screen is the cutest thing in the world? A squirrel so happy it’s shooting out rainbows from his hands and a smiling Fluttershy icon. So…much…happy.

    You know I can’t help but to think that this shot reminds me of something. Having a hard time putting my finger on it. We have someone who’s grump and someone who’s not-so grump and they’re gaming. I can’t help but draw a blank here.

    Well this is a great image to show two types of gamers. One who wants to just have a good time and enjoy the game and the other who thinks turning the controller will make you turn better. I have been both of these gamers. I can only imagine if this was a fighting game and all of Fluttershy’s button mashing gets her the wins every time. Can we get them to play Them’s Fightin’ Herds? I have a feeling Fluttershy can get behind Pom.

    Fluttershy’s got some good moves here. Fluttershy is winning the game, the squirrel gets to eat like a king, and Sunset gets funnier the more happy Fluttershy gets. Best type of balance between a character who’s known for being cool but now losing it and a character who was nervous but now having fun and relaxing.

    I’m pretty sure by the look on Sunset’s face that she’s trying her very best not to get demonetized. And the funny thing isn’t even Sunset’s outburst, but Fluttershy peaking from the back. I can’t help but think she’s either making sure Sunset is ok or if she’s just trying to see the screen to play more.

    More obligatory cute faces that need to be pins.

    Sunset: “That was…amazing! Can I watch you play it again?”
    Even through all that gamer rage, she’s still gonna have fun and even watch Fluttershy play more of this random squirrel game that I’m pretty convinced she got out of a bargain bin. But that’s gaming in a nutshell. You can scream and rage at a screen for hours and deep down still enjoy playing the game. Unless you have issues with lag or the enemy is hacked or you lose a lot of lives in the same spot and have to retry several times or someone gets a cheap shot at you because they’re camping near where you respawn or…where was I going with this again?
    And that was Game Stream, a very relatable short with a possibly surprise hobby coming from Fluttershy. This may have been Sunset heavy, with dialogue, but it really brings out another side of Fluttershy that I just love to watch. I love her sweetness and kindness to anything and everything, but I love it when we see more sides to that and that she can have fun doing just about anything. I mean who would’ve guessed that Fluttershy could play video games pretty well? You hear about Button Mash and Gamer Luna, but now I just imagine a shy little yellow Pegasus pony either creating an animal paradise and fixing up all the citizen’s houses or letting out some Iron Will type aggression in a First-Person Shooter. I know Fluttershy is basically a Disney Princess with her love of singing and animals and singing to animals, but I want to know more about what we don’t always see. And when we see it in episodes like “Flutter Brutter”, “Viva Las Pegasus”, and “Sound of Silence” where she can speak up, be assertive, and not lose that sweetness in her voice, it makes even better to watch and feel happy for that she’s putting herself out there. It’s a good character to have and just giving her a random hobby she’s good at is all the better. I can tell you for a fact. You might like to see Fluttershy game more often than even I would’ve guessed. I’m Penny Wrights and I gotta go fight zombies and creepers while looking for diamonds in caves.