• My Little Pony "Friendship is Forever" #3 - Memnagerie - Stream / Discussion

    (Update: Looks Like it's Fluttershy!

    Episodes coming up:
    • Deep Tissue - Rainbow Dash
    • Harvesting Memories - Applejack
    • Memories and More - Starlight and Spike

    I have no idea what pony this episode of Friendship is Forever will be focused on, but we've had Pinkie and Rarity so far, so I'm guessing... Rainbow!

    If I'm wrong, I'll let you all decide my punishment. Be nice.

    For now, time for pone episode content. Below the break, get the two streaming parties celebrating it's airing at 1:30 PM PST

    (Update: New Link, New Pone!)

    Stream Party:
    Yadi link