• Open Art Event - Under-Appreciated Background Ponies - The Art!

    So many amazing background ponies that finally have more art. I, for one, am happy with how this event turned out.

    As always, if your submission isn't in here, be sure to spam the submit box so we can look into why it was missed!

    In the end, we have 50 drawings. Good times all around. Get them below!

    [0] Source

    Sunshime Petals by sardaukargt

    [1] Source

    Sun Cross of the Mighty Helm by harwicks-art

    [2] Source

    One Shot Mares by Petalierre

    [3] Source

    Summer Meadow: Under-Appreciated Unicorn by AquilaTEagle

    [4] Source

    Bittersweet - EQG Open Art Event by VampireSelene13

    [5] Source

    Dr Whooves Fireworks by mr100dragon100

    [6] Source

    Mrs Shy by Devinbay

    [7] Source

    MLP Smoky Jr. Fan art by derpyhoovesadventure

    [8] Source

    Glitter Spritz screencap redraw by RainbowTashie

    [9] Source

    Helia by seven9988

    [10] Source

    Rolling Thunder Fan Art by Banquo0

    [11] Source

    Vapor Trail Fan Art by Banquo0

    [12] Source

    EQD Open Art: Magical Bois by diamondsong42

    [13] Source

    Cabbage Patch, the pony by Metallic-Roselle

    [14] Source

    The goth fashion designer by Paw-of-Darkness

    [15] Source

    Nurse RedHeart by RainbowBacon1

    [16] Source

    Minuette (BG Ponies @ EqD) by AlHorse

    [17] Source

    Happy Fresh Coat by AceWissle

    [18] Source

    Best Pony by PadS33

    [19] Source

    Cayenne Presents - The Vintage Pone by thevintagepone

    [20] Source

    Fleur de Lis and Dusklight Blossom by Soobel

    [21] Source

    Peppermint Goldylinks by rainbows2424

    [22] Source

    by shidotara

    [23] Source

    Rainbow Stars by RizDub

    [24] Source

    Royal Pin by Addelum

    [25] Source

    OAE - Spring Melody by Solarcis

    [26] Source

    Open Art Event: Under Appreciated Background Pony by ChatNoir1475

    [27] Source

    Shine Like Rainbows by Bubbly-Storm

    [28] Source

    by markerssmellawful

    [29] Source

    Sad Soup Pony by DebMervin

    [30] Source

    Inky Rose by LandOfTheClyony

    [31] Source

    Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and more Pegasus by darthflutterdash104

    [32] Source

    Whao Nelly by romanticponydream

    [33] Source

    by ponyponyponies

    [34] Source

    Uh they haven't started yet by BramGroatonDA

    [35] Source

    Bunnylestia by Addelum

    [36] Source

    Country Backgirls by johnerose126

    [37] Source

    Jazzio by Denragon

    [38] Source

    Mystic Moonlight by NintenCano

    [39] Source

    Not About Us by TexasUberAlles

    [40] Source

    Represent by RedQuoz

    [41] Source

    RogueSpleen0001 by Docard

    [42] Source

    Sweet Biscuit with a cookie by Appleforever6

    [43] Source

    Minuette Roseluck Hug! by SadTrooper

    [44] Source

    Blueblood is disappointed. by daimando

    [46] Source

    [47] Source - Squeaky Belle

    [48] Source - Nerdygamer

    [49] Source - Candy Mane

    [50] Source

    [51] Source