• EQG Concept Music: Dizzy Inmotion - The Duel (feat. ForeverFreest) [Hip Hop]

    With the help of ForeverFreest voicing Trixie, and Wubcake voicing Adagio in this skit that's also part of the album, Dizzy crafted the continuation of the EQG story she's imagined, in musical form! With a due nod to Magic Duel with that title, The Duel stars Sunset (Dizzy Inmotion) and Trixie (ForeverFreest) in a sparkling encounter that is fully voiced, and leads to an awesome rap performance by the two talented vocalists. Along that cover art by Niko, it's just perfect! This is all part of an upcoming concept album, and you can check previous musical parts of the story that have already been released on Dizzy's channel!

    Dizzy Inmotion - The Duel (feat. ForeverFreest)

    Adagio (Skit)