• Neighhem Fest 2 Will Soon Be Underway!

    Rock music festivals. But with ponies. And pony musicians. I experienced it with the first Neighhem Fest at BronyCon this year, and I can tell you. It. Was. INCREDIBLE! Getting to watch and listen to all these awesome pony musicians perform live in such a cool venue, along with everypony in the room waving Equestrian flags and pony plushies!! Well, they're gonna hold a second festival, and the lineup is wonderful this time around as well! Check this out! In a similar fashion to the first one, it's gonna happen as an afterparty to a pony con, this time Ponyville Ciderfest, and it's gonna be held at the Turner Hall Ballroom, Milwaukee, at 5PM on November 3rd! Come join and have a blast with everypony at one live gig that amps up the power of pony Metal!