• More Pony Music! Flutteryays, Ponifications, Dragon Dropped Reactions and Other Wonders!

    The next Dawn is approaching, but don't forget all the other things happening all around! Our community is as thriving as ever, and in this post you'll find some musical responses to the recent episode Dragon Dropped, nostalgic callbacks, top-quality EDM, and Orchestral beauties too! Check it all out below the break!

    1. FilledSilhoutte - S.A.S.L
    Vocal - French House
    Most likely a reaction to the recent episode Dragon Dropped, FilledSilhoutte brings the groove once more with a wink to Rarity!

    2. Koron Korak - YayYayYay (NomNomNom Parody)
    Vocal - Rock
    Covering the melody from Parry Gripp's song NomNomNom with Flutterchops... Yes, this feels like our early brony days alright!

    3. Ocean Melody - Between Dusk and Dawn
    Instrumental - Orchestral
    A gorgeous composition by Ocean Melody featuring starry bells and comforting oboes, in tribute to Twilight!

    4. Vylet Pony - Every Dream (feat. 4EverfreeBrony)
    Vocal - Indie Pop
    A truly dreamy new YouTube release out of Vylet's album Love Letters: Colourless, featuring 4EverfreeBrony's own vocal talents for a stunning duet!

    5. FrøstFyre - Insanity
    Instrumental - Complextro
    A hard-hitting, mad all the way track by FrøstFyre that may well be about "Lesson Zero" Twilight!

    6. Nyancat380 - End of a Beginning
    Vocal - Cumbia/Sad Trap
    Now out on Nyancat380's album Fokin' Days, this masterpiece of ambience is also sampling the S1 premiere that started it all, for an amazing tribute!

    7. Banquo0 - Griffon Girl (Galway Girl Parody)
    Vocal - Pop
    A lovely ponification of Ed Sheeran's Galway Girl, in light of the recent episode Dragon Dropped! The lyrics are just so thoughtful and full of love, and the vocals are so sweet!

    8. Zizkil - Dead Nostalgia
    Instrumental - Complextro/Drum & Bass
    A gem from A State of Sugar Waffle, this new polished diamond from Zizkil is showcasing that incredible sound design and stylish yet comfy atmosphere that we love from the musician, all while bringing the funk and the wubs!

    9. Night Blaze - Elements of Symphony
    Instrumental - Orchestral
    It makes me so happy that Night Blaze decided to contribute to the stellar A State of Sugar Waffle, with such a grand piece, featuring emotional melodies!

    10. Zaphirom Rashir - Twi's Dream
    Instrumental - Downtempo
    Zaphirom Rashir is back and presents us such an interesting take on Twilight's character depth, with this blissful Downtempo experiment started "in the middle of Season 4, after watching how Twilight is starting to have 2 lifes". More in the description on YouTube!

    11. Dijit - Peppermint (feat. Puffy) (DeaDmau6 Remix)
    Vocal - Future Bass
    I just LOVE what this remix of Dijit's original track is doing, by presenting those pony vocal chops from the original anew along such a different instrumental backing, and those pony voices so up front, along those long notes on those synths in the background, is just so emotional for me, and gives me chills. A masterpiece of emotion!

    12. Valesi - Winter Village
    Instrumental - Orchestral
    Valesi is back with an incredible composition to go along that fitting artwork by Plainoasis!

    13. Spikey Wikey - Ragga Muffin
    Vocal - Drum & Bass/Reggae
    Another of Spikey's awesome musical creations from Party's Over, this one brings the tasty bass, sick wubs, Reggae vibes... and Derpy-ness through vocal samples!

    14. Whirlwind - In the mind of a Killer
    Instrumental - Dark Ambient/Drone
    A cool experiment in the dark, this spooky experience is echoing fanmade Pinkamena stories!

    15. BinExis - New Old Beginning
    Instrumental - Symphonic Power Metal
    An awesome initiative and tribute to two different Italian theme songs from MLP, with a lead flute and a backing of guitar riffs, featuring also other orchestral instruments for an impressive Symphonic Power Metal cover!

    16. Eurobeat Brony - Luna (Rod Steven's Acoustic Remix)
    Vocal - Chillout
    Quite a soft and soothing re-imagining of Eurobeat Brony's classic!

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