• Event Deadlines Coming Up! - Pumpkin Carving, Future Pony, and More!

    This is your hub post and reminder for all the current events going on. We have a bunch ending after the weekend, so get that creativity going!

    Pumpkin Carving 2019

    Go get a pumpkin and carve a pony into it! - Deadline October 30th

    Trixie Day 

    Submit your Trixie's for Trixie Day!  - Deadline October 31st

    Bat Tag! 

    Get tagged and go tag other ponies to make them draw bats!

    Open Art - Future Ponies 

    Draw ponies in the future where The Last Problem takes place - Deadline October 28th

    Editorial Writer Recruitment - Currently closed. Thanks to everyone that entered! We are currently going through entries.